About Vincenzo

From the Hidden Hills of Southern Italy

In the year 1930, among the hidden hills of Cava de' Tirreni, a small number of master leather craftsmen started an artisan shop called "Dionigi" that still exists today. Cava de' Tirreni is a medieval town, famous for its many porticos, that sits a bit back from the Amalfi coast in Southern Italy.

Perhaps because of the beauty of the surroundings and the many sensory stimulations that nature provides, or maybe due to the climate that is mostly warm and hospitable, the local people are particularly friendly and creative. Their passion for living is transmitted to their leather creations, and their experience has developed to such an extent that their skills are now famous in the region.

Building on the Leather Crafting Tradition

Today the tradition has been handed down to maestro Vincenzo. With every creation, Vincenzo and his small team of highly skilled leather crasftsmen (and crasftswomen!) nurture the ways of a time before ours, a time when effort was slowly and deliberatedly invested into a work of art whose growth cannot be rushed. When we came across Vincenzo and the Dionigi artisanship, we knew we wanted to help this tradition grow stronger.

What Dionigi Stands For

The Dionigi workshop creates products ranging from leather wallets and key cases to messenger bags and briefcases - each handcrafted, each a product of pride and dedication. When you hold a Dionigi Italian leather product, you come in contact with respect for the environment fused with style and tradition. As confirmed by the delicate aroma of their finshed leather products, the Vincenzo and company only use the highest-quality materials and all-natural processes. When you look at the product you sense the elegance and style that are the results of decades of tradition, and that cannot be improvised.

As you fall in love with the product, as you are bound to do, you will feel like you have become part of a way of life that will survive the test of time.

Photo Gallery

Dinoigi team
Dionigi cristina
Dionigi MIPEL booth
Dionigi Pierino
Dionigi Pierino Chiara
Dionigi team at MIPEL booth
Dionigi Vincenzo martello
Dionigi Vincenzo with Chiara