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From an Inspired Childhood Come Inspiring Bags

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The Campomaggi line was created by the fashion designer Marco Campomaggi in 1980.

Marco was born on 2/25/61 in Teodorano (Forlì-Cesena), where he was influenced by his father's artistic flair as a sculptor. From early childhood, Marco showed exceptional talent in working with his hands - and these skills, paired with his aesthetic sense and genuine spirit, led to his early works.

During his high school years Marco crafted his very first bags for fun, using saddle leather and metal studs. He soon began selling these artistic creations to his schoolmates, then on the sidewalks of the famous Adriatic Riviera seaside. This was the beginning of the company that today brings us these astonishing fusions of artisan work and ancient tradition.

Perfectly Imperfect!

Marco's creations have beautiful design, use the best quality materials, and boast excellent craftsmanship … but perhaps the single most remarkable trait shared by his products is the perfected art of imperfection.

The unique distressing process (patented by Marco's Campomaggi brand) ensures that each individual item is one-of-a-kind, with its own character and charm. Because each bag is distressed AFTER it is put together, no part is left untreated … from the lining to the strap, every component comes out looking beautifully vintage and "aged".

If you like artificially smoothed leather or cookie-cutter designs, Marco's products are NOT for you. Instead, if you embrace the true vintage concept and the idea of a bag or an accessory growing old with you, then look no further … you have met your match.

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