Murano Glass Pieces in Fusione Murrina Style by Maestro Rossi

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Maestro Rossi

Although Master Imperio Rossi is usually the Maestro, when it comes to sculptures Master Mario Costantini takes over and Maestro Imperio Rossi assumes the role of main helper (Servente). The Fusione line of Murano glass products is a unique expression of Maestro Costantini's artistic style. Small "Murrina" pieces are fused together to form a colorful glass pattern. When you admire a genuine Murano glass artwork created by Maestro Costantini and his team, you can see and feel his creativity mixed with a thousand years of tradition and mastery come to life.

TORO Murano Glass Bull Sculpture, Red
On Sale! $450.00 $198.00
Dark Blue
On Sale! $118.00 $49.00
PAPERA Murano Glass Duck Sculpture in Red
On Sale! $198.00 $128.00