About Giudi

What Makes a Giudi Item

Since its establishment in 1974, Giudi has been producing outstanding bags, wallets and other small leather accessories using the highest quality Italian leathers. All Giudi products are created with only natural tanned leather with no chemical pollutants added. Take a Giudi leather product in your hand and you will immediately see the carefully thought-out design, sense the attention to detail in the craftsmanship, but most of all, feel the warmth and care of the artisans that created each individual piece.

Morrovalle - A Medieval Hilltop Town

Giudi is located in Morrovalle, just minutes from the Adriatic coast (east coast of Italy). This is the kind of town where summer festivals bring their medieval past to life with drums, jesters, and dramatic recreations of historical events, and where men, women and children congregate in the town square over coffee and gelato on a Sunday afternoon. With a population of less than 10,000, and known for its truffles and Vincigrassi (a tasty entree similar to lasagna), this sleepy hilltop town may have just the right mix of blue skies and rolling green hills to foster the most inspired leather accessory designs.

Photo Gallery

Giudi 1 Morrovalle
The quiet hilltop town of Morrovalle, where Giudi is located.
Giudi 2 cutting leather
Skill, swiftness and a steady hand are needed to slice the leather with precision.
Giudi 3 sewing
An artisan carefully sews two pieces of leather that will turn into a beautiful Giudi handbag.
Giudi final touches
Applying the final touches
Giudi packing
Each item gets packged with great care