Caterina Lucchi

About Caterina Lucchi

Caterina Lucchi first began designing her own accessories in the 80s, while still a university student. As word of the beauty of her creations spread, Caterina soon had to focus on her career designing and making bags and had to abandon her goal to become a physical education teacher.

Today the Caterina Lucchi product delivers uniqueness. Just like our mix of genes, personalities, aspirations, and experiences make us evermore unique as time goes by, a Caterina Lucchi bag goes through a planning, cutting, embroidery, assembly, dyeing, and finishing process that is designed to result in each bag being absolutely unique.

Every bag develops a personality and some personalities become so popular that the design will be presented season after season modified to embody the new creative elements that inspire the new collections. Over time, Caterina Lucchi bags develop a relationship with their owners: your bag will become connected to many experiences and will remind you of past events that will evoke the emotion of the passage of time.

Photo Gallery

Caterina MIPEL 2012
Caterina MIPEL 2012 with Daniele