Chic Italian Handbags in Soft Vitello Leather by Caterina Lucchi

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Caterina Lucchi

Caterina's bags are created with three simple ingredients: leather, fabric, and inspired creativity. Each bag is handcrafted using the finest calfskin leather, then dyed using a technique called "tinto in capo": rather than using pre-dyed pieces of leather, the entire bag is dyed after it is put together… resulting in a luxuriously soft bag with a broken-in, one-of-a-kind look.

Her chic, intoxicating designs will surely turn heads, but more importantly, Caterina's bags will give you the satisfaction of knowing that you own something that is truly special in every sense of the word.

CITTA - Small Leather Handbag (Pyrite)
On Sale! $437.00 $145.00
ALIBRANDI - Large Leather Satchel in Spring Tones
On Sale! $675.00 $275.00
AZIENDA - Croc-Stamped Leather Satchel in Bordeaux
On Sale! $533.00 $125.00
BACIO Large Kiss Lock Leather Handbag (Seafoam)
On Sale! $470.00 $145.00
BOCCE Leather and Suede Bowling Bag
On Sale! $545.00 $195.00
On Sale! $710.00 $199.00
GIOTTO Flat Tote in Mixed Leathers (Autumn Hues)
On Sale! $390.00 $208.00
GIRA Round Handle Leather Tote in Petrol
On Sale! $485.00 $145.00
LACCA - Metallic Leather Tote (Pyrite)
On Sale! $618.00 $190.00
LOTTO - Batik-Dyed Leather Shopper in Yellow/Brown
On Sale! $450.00 $175.00
MELANGE - Leather Shoulder Crossbody Bag in Teal
On Sale! $360.00 $175.00
RAFFAELLO - Calf Hair Leather Tote in Black and White
On Sale! $510.00 $208.00
ROMBI - Macrame Leather Bucket Bag, Rose Taupe
On Sale! $475.00 $245.00