MP Staff Review: CARTA Italian Leather Credit Card Wallet

CARTA credit card case

by Eliana

I had been looking for a credit card holder for a long time - probably since I moved to the United States, because in Italy we don’t need to carry all the cards you have to carry around here! I could never find anything convenient yet stylish enough to please my taste. I like to change my wallet often and it’s always been such a hassle for me to move all the credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, etc. ... from one to the other.

Also, like most women I believe, I simply hate carrying heavy bags so I’m always trying to carry only the essentials with me. When I heard that we were going to receive this product I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get one for myself!

It’s been a month now that I’m using it and I definitely love it! The design is really cute and functional. The leather is high quality and the attention to the details is simply impressive. It doesn’t get bulky at all, even if you fill in all the 16 sleeves it comes with. I personally stuffed in it all those cards that I don’t need every day, but when you least expect to need them you wish you had with you!

Now my wallet is way lighter and I can change it to match my purse in no time. And if I’m going biking or some other place in which I know for sure I won’t need any of those cards, I just leave my CARTA at home or in the car, ready for the next ride.

The colors are all cute. I personally got the Patent Glacier but only because it matches the VALENTINA bag and the ARGENTA wallet that I also got for myself. I also bought one for my mom, and she indeed agrees with me that this credit card holder is a must-have.