About Bojola

The Bojola Family Legacy

Felice Bojola began crafting his first leather products at the end of the 19th century. He opened two shops in Tuscany: one on the famous Viareggio sidewalk and one in the center of Florence, right next to the Duomo di San Giovanni.

In the ‘60s, when Italian fashion was still focused on classic styles using varnished leather, Bojola started to use natural leather and cotton, initiating a totally new casual style and giving new life to the logo-printed fabrics from the 30’s.

Bojola's success can be measured by the loyalty of high-profile clients such as Mr. Walt Disney and Sir Charlie Chaplin, to name just a few.

After four generations, the tradition has been handed down to maestro Sergio, the founder’s nephew, supported by his sons Francesco and Lorenzo and his daughter Barbara.

Today, after more than 100 years, Bojola's artisanal tradition have not changed and their brand is recognized worldwide as being synonymous to high quality and genuinely handmade leather products.

Photo Gallery

Bojola invoice from 1915
Bojola shop 1900s
Bojola shop 1929
Bojola's store today
Bojolas famous clients