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One Month with My Murano Glass Sbruffo Tumbler

I work next to a lot of beautiful things. Among the most elevating of these are the Murano glass creations by Maestro Imperio Rossi. One of the styles that I find most fascinating due to its texture and appearance is the Sbruffo style. Last time we placed a Murano glass order, Emi and I made sure to add our favorite Sbruffo tumblers in the mix.

When we first received them I was so thrilled I was giddy. Since I have always admired Murano glass and this was my first piece, finally owning one was a momentous occasion. I had already handled many Sbruffo tumblers so the pleasurable tactile experience derived from sliding your fingers along the grooves of brushed glass was not new. Yet, this was mine now and my fingers are still learning all the different possible ways I can grip the glass.

After a month of ownership I feel that I am beginning to get to know it. My tumbler is a little bit irregular as the rim is slightly slanted. It has a drop of blue glass towards the top that has separate from the blue stripe. As I take a drink, I can feel with my pinkie finger what I call the umbilical button at the bottom (the glass was attached to the cane until ready to go in the cooling oven).

The Goto Sbruffo has so far provided a wonderful experience. It is very luxurious and upgrades the appearance of my desk at work. Since my eyes fall on it so much, it really helps me to drink more water throughout the day. I did not expect it to be so good for me.

GOTO SBRUFFO Murano Glass Tumbler on Daniele's Desk

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The Amazing Beauty of Murano glass

We recently received a shipment of Murano glass creations by Maestro Imperio Rossi and I have been working on adding them to the database. One of the steps involves taking photos and since Emi is swamped with the new Campomaggi bags that we are adding, I’m having to dig deep to find some photographic skills somewhere in my arsenal.

Unfortunately, I already got proof that I need to keep on digging: I just compared one of the new Christmas ornament photos I took to one that Emi had taken months ago of the NATALE and the difference is night and day. Take a look:

The FESTE Murano glass Christmas ornament

The NATALE Christmas Ornament. Emi took this photo.

Just looking at the two pictures above is not enough. Click on both links and, when you are viewing each product page, click on the product picture: it will be expanded. The difference in quality between the two photos makes my jaw drop a little.

And that is what caused me to want to write this post: my jaw has been dropping all day long. The beauty of these Murano glass pieces is captivating, to say the least. I hope that I can be done by tomorrow.

Our Artisans and Their Products

New Murano Glass Treasures

Last week I spent a lot of time putting together the information about seven new Murano glass pieces by maestro Imperio Rossi. Needless to say, all pieces are authentic Imperio Rossi creations that bear his signature and the Vetro Artistico Murano tamper-proof sticker that features the number that identifies his furnace: 033.

The pieces added vary from vases to tumblers and feature a few different styles. I am always in awe when I work next to one of these murano glass creations: I end up admiring all the details.

The SBRUFFO product line features a layer of colored glass brushed (for lack of better words) on top of the item. The technique creates a multidimensional and multicolor effect that is very pleasing to the touch and eye.

Sbruffo Murano glass lamp shade

Blue murano glass lamp shade in sbruffo style

GOTO Sbruffo murano glass tumbler

The Murrine Millefiori product line features products that maestro Imperio Rossi designs in the evening and lays out before starting work for the day.

AMABILE murano glass vase
Murano glass murrine millefiori vase.

The Fusione product line features a mix of hand blown murrina cores with sculpted colored glass to create various objects. We carry three animal figurines that are absolutely adorable. Two of these, the elephant and the fish, just got added last week.

PESCE PALLA murano glass figurine
Murano glass Fusione fish figurine.

ELEFANTE Murano glass elephant figurine
Murano glass Fusione elephant figurine.

The Argento Murrina product line features silver leaf covered with Murrina. We have a set of 6 tumblers that we just added to the web site.

GOTO ARGENTO Murano glass silver leaf and murrina tumbler
Murano glass silver leaf and murrina tumbler

Our Artisans and Their Products

Planning my Visit to Murano

In early March I am going to visit Maestro Imperio Rossi in Murano.  Going to Murano also means visiting Venice, the birthplace of Marco Polo who inspired our company name and our quest to bring artisans and those who appreciate their products together, across great distances.

As I wrote in my History of Murano Glass, the town of Murano has such a great artistic tradition in glass making that this feels like a pilgrimage to me. My goal is to get to know a lot more about the products that we have started adding last year. The production process is so complicated and there are so many glass types in use that one can always learn something new by going to Murano, and that is what I am very much looking forward to do.

I also hope to see products that I had not seen before that I will want to order and bring to our customers. If you are a fan of Maestro Imperio Rossi and his wonderful creations, make sure to contact me and I will make sure to look at your favorite Murano glass creations.

Finally, I hope to find out more about Marco Polo but, unfortunately, the house where his spent his youth burned down in 1598 (so moving the glass factories to Murano was not enough!) and there seems to be very little to commemorate his life in Venice.

Our Artisans and Their Products

History of Murano Glass

I have always been fascinated with Murano glass and have become even more curious about it since we have started selling Maestro Imperio Rossi’s products. This has led me to wanting to know the history of Murano glass. After reading countless articles online I have created my own article: Murano Glass History.

I had to reconcile a few conflicting facts and, as it is sometimes is the case with history, could not rely on a definitely correct source. So if you find some inaccuracies in my article please point them out. I look forward to talking to Sara Rossi about this as I am sure that I will be able to fill a lot of gaps. The research was very interesting, though. I did not know about the quest to make clear glass, and did not know that clear glass was accomplished in Murano.

I also left a few tidbits of history out because I want to research them some more. I expect to update the article after my trip to Murano in March.

Our Artisans and Their Products

Exquisite Murano Glass Pieces by Master Imperio Rossi

After weeks of anticipation, the Murano glass pieces we had ordered have finally arrived.

And the verdict?

They are absolutely incredible. I mean, we knew that – after all, we fell in love with his work when we came across them this summer. But seeing all of the masterpieces in person, again reminded us as to why we decided to work with Maestro Rossi in the first place. His work is unique – even in the highly artistic, tremendously exclusive trade of Murano glasswork, his work seems to stand out in some way. Plus, his is a family-run business, and we immediately felt a connection there as well.

I can’t wait to showcase his work on our website. We feel truly fortunate to have found him.

For now, here is a little glimpse into the world of Maestro Rossi’s Murano glass …

Murano Glass Christmas Ornament with Murrina Fantasia
Murano Glass Christmas Ornament with Murrina Fantasia