What is Marcopoloni?

Our goal is to bring people like you, who cherish and appreciate fine artistry, closer to the artisans who create them. Everything we offer is handmade by carefully-selected artisans who pour their love and pride into each piece of work.

Much as Marco Polo brought the Western world in contact with the treasures of the Far East in the late 13th century, Marcopoloni strives to put you in touch with beautiful handmade goods from around the world!

One Month with My Murano Glass Sbruffo Tumbler

The Sbruffo style of Murano glass is one that caught my eyes. While it may not work for everything, it is great for drinking glasses. I have long wanted a GOTO SBRUFFO Tumbler and when it came it got a really warm welcome. In this post I talk about the things that caught my attention first. . . . → Read More: One Month with My Murano Glass Sbruffo Tumbler

The Amazing Beauty of Murano glass

As I add more Murano glass creations by Imperio Rossi my jaw drops rather frequently. . . . → Read More: The Amazing Beauty of Murano glass

New Murano Glass Treasures

When I work next to our Murano glass creations by maestro Imperio Rossi I always end up spending lots of time admiring them. This week, I just added seven new items to our collection. . . . → Read More: New Murano Glass Treasures

Planning my Visit to Murano

In early March I will be going to Murano where I will get to spend time with Maestro Imperio Rossi and learn more about the fascinating world of glass production in Murano. I will also be seeking anything related to Marco Polo although I don’t think there is anything there. . . . → Read More: Planning my Visit to Murano

History of Murano Glass

My passion for Murano glass has led to many questions about it. In my search for more information I came across enough information to write this history of Murano Glass. . . . → Read More: History of Murano Glass

Exquisite Murano Glass Pieces by Master Imperio Rossi

After weeks of anticipation, the Murano glass pieces we had ordered have finally arrived.

And the verdict?

They are absolutely incredible. I mean, we knew that – after all, we fell in love with his work when we came across them this summer. But seeing all of the masterpieces in person, again reminded us . . . → Read More: Exquisite Murano Glass Pieces by Master Imperio Rossi