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My Belt-loop Leather Pouch: After Three Weeks

After three weeks of daily use, I feel as if the final verdict on the DANIELE leather belt loop pouch by Campomaggi can be reached. But before I get to that, let me share my latest impressions.

The belt loop is assuming the shape of my waist: perhaps it wants to convince me to keep it because it is a good fit, which it is. Another thing that I have come to realize is that letting the pouch hang below the waist means that the pouch can rest at whatever angle it needs to rest. For example, when you are sitting down the pouch can rest on your leg at a 90-degree angle if that’s what it needs to do. If it was positioned right on the belt I think that it would struggle to find a resting position.

Once you wear the pouch you quickly forget about it and using it becomes second nature. Opening and closing the closure is fun for me as I find myself unnecessarily playing with it. The beauty of this product is that you are almost guaranteed not to leave it, and its contents, behind. As I say this, I have to admit that one day I left home without the phone in the pouch and I had to go back and get it. So the DANIELE is not the end-all solution to an absented minded person’s woes.

I realize that I haven’t covered wearing the pouch cross-body very much. Perhaps there is a loyal customer out there who would like to test-drive the pouch with that purpose in mind. If so, please make sure to ask.

And now my verdict: get the distressed leather belt-loop pouch for yourself, not as a gift, as wearing a belt pouch requires fulfilling a specific need. I really love the convenience and everything that a Campomaggi product embodies: I feel very proud wearing it and love to have to come in frequent contact with it. The ease with which I can access my wallet and phone is great. Finally, I love that it keeps the phone away from my body: perhaps mobile phones don’t harm you when they stay in contact with your body for a prolonged period, but I’d rather be safe.

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Review of the DANIELE Campomaggi Belt-Loop Leather Pouch

After two weeks of test driving, I have grown very comfortable with my new Campomaggi belt-loop leather pouch. I like it because it is compact, it does exactly what I need and I love its look and feel. I hope that this video can help you make a decision as to whether the DANIELE might be for you.

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Campomaggi leather pouch: after 1 week

I have wanted a Campomaggi leather pouch to carry my wallet and phone for a long time and now I am test driving it. In my previous post I began discovering what it is really like to use the pouch.

Over the last few days I noticed that you have to get used to being just slightly wider when you are carrying the leather pouch on your belt. I scraped a wall with it a couple of times and inadvertently bumped it against the kitchen counter and the open microwave door. This was no big deal for me, but your situation may be different.

So what if you have to unzip your pants? If you wear the pouch on the right there is a chance that it will fall out–if you are not careful. If you wear it on the left side it will still pull a bit on the belt, making things somewhat more complicated.

Campomaggi leather pouch open.

The other thing I did was to ask the forum Male Fashion Advice (MFA) on Reddit what they thought about the pouch. The answer was a resounding “MFA doesn’t like belt appendages.” Yet there were a couple of people who seemed to secretly like it. I took the blanket statement with a grain of salt, yet it made me realize why we advocate to “take it slow”: it is often through prolonged observation that you can notice the qualities of many of our products. I do concede that walking around with an albeit tiny utility belt expands the waist line and makes it hard to look sharp.

After a week I love the Campomaggi leather pouch. The main reasons are: I love the look and feel of the leather, I love opening and closing the flap, my wallet and phone fit perfectly, I can run as much as I want and it will not bounce around wildly like a bag will, I don’t leave my wallet and phone on my desk any more, and it is nice to know where to reach for your phone and to be able to do it quickly.

On the other hand, I would be careful not to give this as a gift without doing some definitive research first. After seeing the feedback from Reddit, I think that most men would look at this and prefer not to use it. I had a specific reason to want this, it solves my problem, I think it looks good, and I expect that I will keep it. But the test drive is not over yet. Let’s see what another week’s use does to my opinion.

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The Campomaggi Belt-Loop Distressed Leather Pouch: Days 2-4.

On day 2 with my Campomaggi leather pouch the big test came: Chiara’s soccer practice. I wore a pair of shorts, my ALDO leather belt, and a t-shirt. The t-shirt came to rest on pouch which remained visible. I tried covering the pouch with the t-shirt but it looked bad.

Campomaggi belt loop pouch

The phone, because it is such a tight fit, takes a while to get out, while putting it in is easy. I felt pretty comfortable, both in terms of looks and weight. It is possible to forget that you have a pouch hanging from your belt.

Also on day 2, I went to the grocery store, to Chiara’s dance recital, to the mall, and to a Barbeque. At the grocery store getting the wallet out and putting it back in was easy and rather convenient. I had to reach for my phone to take a few pictures at the barbeque and it is nice not to have to search for the pocket where I last put the phone. Also, I like that the phone is not in direct contact with my body any more. I did not get any comments all day, which is good.

On day 3, as I was driving, I realized that if I wear the pouch on the right, I have to sit further to the left to let the seat belt latch. I did not like that too much so I decided to test putting the pouch on the left. Doing that means that once the pouch is strapped, to remove it you have to remove your belt. There are no clips to make that process fast and I would not change that.

On day 4, at the office I wore the pouch on the left. I think that I like it on the left better because it allows me to sit like I normally do in the car. Since I normally take my wallet and phone out of my pockets and set them on my desk, it was nice to have the phone with me while I make progress on our quality control of the latest Campomaggi shipment.

I am getting used to my pouch. I like the closure and how it is starting to soften, making it easier to latch closed.

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Test driving the new Campomaggi belt loop pouch: Day 1

On Friday we received a shipment of 150 Campomaggi bags. Along with it came a few smaller accessories, including a belt-loop leather pouch with strap that I had picked thinking that it might come in handy to use when I go to Chiara’s soccer practice.
New Campomaggi Distressed leather pouch.
When Chiara started playing soccer last year, I would often wear sport shorts and a t-shirt, all without pockets. Since taking pictures was so important, I started carrying a nylon pouch with strap that was just big enough to store my wallet, my phone, my camera and then I would clip my keys to the strap.

I loved the little bag because it was so convenient, and I soon started wishing that Campomaggi would make one.

A year later I saw this. But the measurements said that it might be too small. Undeterred I ordered it and, voila`, my wallet and phone (a Galaxy SII) just barely fit and I am counting on the fact that with a little use it will get easier to slide the phone in an out.

So, without further due, I fit my leather belt through the belt loop and began the test drive. My wallet fits with room to spare while my phone needs a little push. My first impression is that I really like it, in particular, I really like the color: distressed olive brown is very rich and reminds me of the beauty of walnut burl wood. I am worried that it might look too big so I keep asking my wife and checking myself in the mirror. I don’t think it is too big, especially when you consider the size of what I am carrying. Time will tell, that is why I am going to test drive it!

Read the next part of the test drive: Days 2-4 test driving the Campomaggi belt pouch.