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Why People Love This Braided Leather Key Chain

GIAMAICANO Braided Italian Leather Key Chain
The most stylish Italian key chain with a convenient clip and two key rings in different sizes.

The Giamaicano is Marcopoloni’s second best-selling key chain of all time. Why do people love this braided leather keychain? They love it because its stylish design and quality leather make it attractive, fun, and practical. After talking to some of our many customers who appreciated it, I gather that the beauty of the leather and the clip stand out against most key chains. Even its relatively large size is a plus for people who otherwise struggle to find their keys in a large bag. In addition, many bags now come with D rings for key chains that can clip onto them. This is a key chain that marries great with that feature.

The Giamaicano is a Marcopoloni exclusive: you won’t find this on Amazon. We do post a lot of our key chains for sale on Amazon but not the Giamaicano because it is so successful and it does not need the help of the world’s largest marketplace. Just know that you will find it in what is, in my opinion, the world’s best curated catalog–Marcopoloni.

You probably heard me say this before: Gianni’s leather is the best vacchetta leather you can find. The owners of the concerie who sell their leather to the top shoe and bag brands in Italy routinely mock Gianni for using such good leather for his key chains. I am sure that you can understand what when your life-long passion is involved, you don’t want cheap ingredient: you strive to make the best–something that you can be really proud of.

We are also very proud to have found Gianni and his wonderful creations. We love his work and stand by it with a one-year parts and labor warranty.

Our Artisans and Their Products

My Snaplink and Daniele Saved The Day

The best feeling in the world is when you realize that the work that you do not only helps others, but it also helps you. I have fallen in love with many Marcopoloni products, but I’ve become inseparable with two of them: the SNAPLINK key chain and the DANIELE belt pouch

Chiara had just gone to the dentist and since the dentist is by our office she came by our office afterwards. But since she is full of life and questions it soon started looking to be pretty pointless to stay at the office. So we left and stopped by the grocery store on the way home. As I start making my way through the isles with Chiara sitting in the cart, I notice a wobbly head. So I quickly go to the coffee counter… no, just kidding. So I grab a couple more things as I try to rush out of there but by the time I get to the register she has fallen asleep, awakened, and asked me to hold her.

Fear not my daughter because daddy has been preparing for a moment like this for years! I go through the checkout and reaching for my wallet is a piece-of-cake one-handed task. Unbutton the Daniele, slide the wallet out, set it down, get the card out, slide it, and, whoohoo! The bill is under $50 so I don’t even have to sign.

DANIELE belt pouch
The DANIELE belt pouch prevents me from forgetting my essentials and keeps them within easy reach.

I push the cart to the car and reaching for the remote is a breeze with my Snaplink clipped on my belt loop. Unlock the car, open the door gently, accommodate Chiara on her seat and she says: “Thank you for carrying me all the way from the store daddy!”.

I sit in my seat and think: “I’m going to blog about this, and, for once, it will be good!”

Snaplink Key Chain in Espresso
The Snaplink leather key chain can save you from zombies AND really help you out day to day.
Our Artisans and Their Products

I Won’t Let Summer Slip Past Me

When the days start getting noticeably shorter in August I start thinking of ways to hang onto summer for just a little bit longer. When I get up it is pitch black again, when I go for a walk with my dog it calls for a sweatshirt, it is easy to start thinking that fall is just around the corner.

But the reality is that summer is only half over and in the San Francisco bay area there are plenty of hot, sunny days ahead that call for gelato and dinner in the yard. To get myself back in a summer mindset, all I have to do is think about summer in Gianni’s Sicily. I can picture him in his patio overlooking the sea with paper and pencil sketching new designs. There is a sail boat in the far distance, moving slowly, he picks up some paper, makes a boat origami, and one idea is sparked.

Barchetta sail boat leather key chain


Then I picture Gianni reaching for a slice of Anguria and bam! Another idea is calling for a cute design.

ANGURIA watermelon keyring

By now I am thinking of when we visited Sicily: the most delicious Spaghetti alle Vongole we ever had at Oasi Azzurra, the summer heat, the refreshing clean water, the fun of carefree times with your family and friends.

Now I am ready to enjoy summer again. My motivation to go to work has disappeared–it is time to plan a few days off (maybe during the week-end) :-).