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Two Antartidee Wall Clocks I Am Absolutely Crazy About

MESSPRESSO Spilled Espresso Wall Clock
MESSPRESSO Spilled Espresso Wall Clock

I probably LOVE everything that Antartidee makes so I had to be extremely clear in the title to explain that these two clocks are my all-time favorites, at least to this date.

Clocks Tell Time

Oh really? You might say. Well, yes, I had to point that out. I have had a need for wall clocks ever since I got kids… eight years ago. If you have kids I am sure that they naturally keep track of time and never make you late… but I wasn’t so lucky. Changing a diaper is a fifteen minute ordeal for me when Marco decides he is going to kick and scream the whole time (sidebar: they say he is no trouble at all changing diapers at daycare). Chiara, on the other hand often chooses that there is enough time for her to do what is going through her mind before focusing on the task at hand.

Not having a clock that you can just look up to consult is a weak predicament when dealing with kids. But kids are not the only thing that can make you lose track of time and I really, really enjoy my clocks. I have the MESSPRESSO both at home and at the office. The one at the office is in the showroom and I only consult it once or twice a day, but the one at home is in a strategic spot–near the bottom of the stairs–and I can check it while at the dinner table. I enjoy my time at the dinner table, but sometimes I spend too long there–I am Italian…

A Methodical Checklist

While at the dinner table I usually have to enjoy my week-end cappuccino with Emi and the kids, but the next step is to walk the dogs. If I hesitate too long then we start cutting into the next step in the routine and so on. That is why I installed the MESSPRESSO at home too. It is a match for my espresso making personality and it really, really helps me put the kids in bed at the right time. I basically check my MESSPRESSO strategically throughout the day and it has made a difference.

What Else Could They Pack In It?

As you can see, I am overly partial in favor of the MESSPRESSO, but it should be understandable. I love coffee and I love brewing espresso. I am Italian and love Italy and there is an Italian flag painted on the cup. I love the smell of coffee beans and there are four marking the hours on the plate. I am messy at times, and, well, this clock is a mess. Oh my! They designed it for me!! If there are any Italians in your life, I guarantee you this wall clock is going to be a hit–at the stroke of any hour.

Time Conservation

PERDITEMPO Waste of Time Clock
PERDITEMPO Waste of Time Clock

If you waste even a little bit of time, a little time-conservation will help. The PERDITEMPO allows you to close the dripping of time that results in so much waste. By freezing the time wasting in time you should see considerable benefits, except when you catch yourself staring at the beauty of this clock–all the time.

I have put it in our bathroom and all the cool guests who used the bathroom noticed the coolness of the clock. Some people didn’t comment because they probably were checking Facebook at the time. If they hadn’t they would have noticed it. It’s impossible not to love it. And with California in a drought we need a clock that can end it once and for all!

Do you like Antartidee clocks as much as I do? If the answer is “yes”, can you prove it in the comments?

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Adding Unbelievably Cool New Antartidee Home Accessories

CAUGHT MY EYES Eyeglasses Stand
The CAUGHT MY EYES Eyeglasses Stand has a strong personality and gives your glasses a safe resting place.

Antartidee has always aided us with useful products. It just seems to me that this time they are even more extremely useful AND even more extremely cool. I’ll admit it: at first the idea of an eyeglass stand did not sound very appealing. Fast-forward a year, as I am reaching for my eyeglasses more often, I have started leaving a pair on my nightstand. Unfortunately, they sometimes get knocked off of it and I freak out because I think that Marco (or a sleepy self) will crush them. The CAUGHT MY EYES, with its wide base could claim a permanent spot for the nightstand, look really cool, and bring some order to the surface.

Similarly, I totally want to use the PEPPER OPENER: easy to find in the drawer or on the kitchen counters where I left it last, and cool to use. No more boring clunkiness, it’s time to be stylish in the kitchen: we often have guests!

The rest of the products that arrived are great too. I just finished adding the BAFFONI wall hook to the catalog and have a few more to go. I hope to be done in time for the next newsletter next week, which reminds me: don’t forget to sign up to stay more up-to-date. As usual, don’t forget to use the November offer code that gets you 10% off anthing on the site just for reading my blog. Thank you!

CAUGHT MY EYES Eyeglasses Stand
The CAUGHT MY EYES Eyeglasses Stand has a strong personality and gives your glasses a safe resting place.
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Think You Know Figurines? Meet Antartidee’s Meticulous Quest For Details

GOLFISTA Golfer Figurine
Heads Up!!! Maurizio e Roby designed this figurine to remind us of someone.

This fall we have four new groups of products coming. I have already talked about the Dionigi bags and wallets, the next group is made up by the Antartidee figurines. For years we looked at them longingly but we were not planning to bring these in this year. That was until not one, but two, customers were willing to place prepaid orders for us to supply them.

CUOCA Female Chef
CUOCA Female Chef: you are in an Italian kitchen now.

You might say that two customers is not a big enough sample population to make a decision like this but in our world two customers requesting something means popular demand. So we bought what they wanted and we got three for us to try. We picked the Golfer, the Sax Player, and the Dentist, but it was really hard to narrow down our choices because we could think of someone that would make a great gift recipient for just about any of them.

I can’t wait to get my hands on these figurines. My spirit thrives on fun, clever wit, and jokes (among other things, of course–I don’t think that I am a full-time buffoon). As you would expect from an Antartidee product, the details in these figurines are, well, very detailed. Their meticulous quest to portray even the smallest details brings these characters to life and turns them into, if not works of art, works of artistry that catch your train of thought in a pleasing way.

SASSOFONO: play it, sax player!.

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Work Harder, Not Smarter, with This Antartidee Desk Clock

When I was a teenager I found that the most effective way to get my homework done was to set a definitive time slot within which to get it done. Having deadlines of this kind of frees up a lot of space on your schedule because you do not allow time for distractions or entertainment.

The technology in smartphones and computers is great, but there is no need to set alarms or use reminders when you know that right now you have to work on the task at hand and that you only have until 10:38 to get it done. You just need to keep an eye on the clock.

So you must have a clock. My computer of course has one, but I prefer using a desk clock, one whose time is subjective and that forces me to say: “when the minute hand gets to somewhere around 35 I have to be done.”

I use a Slipping Time desk clock. Telling time is a bit approximate and the hand with time slipping through it does tend to make me philosophize. Here is the kicker: because I work so hard telling time, I work even harder on my project. It totally builds character.

Slipping Time Desk Clock
One of my favorite things: the Slipping Time which, apparently, makes me work harder, not smarter.

Ok, my humor-attempt is lame, but the clock is beautiful and incredibly unique. I love the way the clock melts through the fingers and even begins to collect on the table. There are a ton of beautiful and intricate details that also show how the clock was very carefully hand-painted.

I feel that a little bit of beauty on my desk elevates my work-environment and injects a little bit of fun. And that is something I appreciate a lot.

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Hang Up Your Work, It’s Time To Be Merry

The year is almost over and the holidays are here. If you are fortunate to be able to share time with friends and family, don’t forget that they will need a place to hang their coat. This is especially true if you are having many people over: an entertainment room is better equipped if there are sufficient hooks for all the coats so that they don’t end up piled up on a bed somewhere.

HUNGOVER Wine Glass Coat Wall Hook
The HUNGOVER Wine Glass Coat Wall Hook is festive and has party written all over it.

Despite the positive economic news we hear lately, what I have heard from customers and other business owners all year long is that the year wasn’t all that exciting, so why would I be talking about being merry? Mainly because les jeux sont faits, the year is about over and there is little more that can be done. On the other hand, taking some time with family and friends is something that we can always look back to.

And so, why would I shamelessly promote my wares? Because I want to make the connection that our products have with good times. Antartidee products are way more than functional, they often stir up laughter and conversations and they are known to break the ice. Let me raise a toast to a friendlier tomorrow!

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Gotta Have More Vitendino

The vitendino: I might get carried away with it. Most of the time I can live without it, but, when I start thinking that I should hang my bag somewhere when I come home instead of hanging it on my dining chair, I get visions of having multiple Vitendini decorating the entrance walls. If I let myself daydream long enough I will be thinking about the streams of Vitendini in every room including the garage.

The reality is that i don’t even know the capacity of the Vitendino. So I don’t know if it is fit to hold the weight of a bag full with my laptop and a few random essentials: it can be pretty heavy. I will find out on July 14 when we visit Antartidee, or, if I forget to ask, the plan is to find out by trial and error.

Strangely, it is the lack of this knowledge that has kept me from trying it. It’s a catch-22 that has paralyzed me for over a year. Luckily, I recently made a breakthrough: I talked to Emi and she said that it would be great if we had a few of them on our wall by the doorway.

So at least now I have a license to try it at home and see how well it performs. I can’t wait to get back from Italy and try it so that I can report my findings and finally have a solution to my bag-hanging problem.

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Our Week 4 Giveaways: Antartidee and Gianni

Week 4 Giveaways have arrived and the prizes are amazing this week! We are giving away a unique wall hook by Antartidee and the ever popular Libro CD case by Gianni! You all have a week to enter the giveaway and earn as many entries as you can to win one of these great prizes. We will be announcing the winners next Wednesday and posting the Week 5 giveaways. Next week–week 5–will be the last week of our Ten Year Celebration so don’t miss out on the opportunity to win a prize or two.

The winners of the Week 3 Giveaways are:

Crystal D. for a Paua Chunky Segmented Ring, size of her choice

Jane T. for a Volare Passport Cover, color of her choice

CONGRATULATIONS! We will contact you shortly!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you are the lucky winner of this awesome wall hook, this is exactly what you would get; a silver screw wall hook!


The winner of the LIBRO leather CD case will get to choose the color of their choice!

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A Heart Arrived in Time for Valentine’s Day

HOOKED ON LOVE Winged Heart Wall Hook
The HOOKED ON LOVE Winged Heart Wall Hook should stay put on your wall and not fly away with your keys.

Does he (or she) desperately misplace his keys? I know that I had one place to put my keys and it worked most of the time. What got me to completely stop misplacing my keys (at least so far) was the addition of a DRIPPING SHELF by Antartidee. So dedicating a super cute hook to the task of reducing key misplacement panics might be a good idea for you too.

The HOOKED ON LOVE Winged Heart Hook sends a message that even the most difficult gift recipient should find agreeable: I got you something that signifies love and freedom, that looks terrific by the door, and that you will remember to use because it is so convenient. It comes with a little hook, which might symbolize that you are the one I kept! Kiss, kiss.

Wow, if I put it like that… I know someone who needs one. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Is it just me or is my shelf dripping?

Unique dripping wall shelf by Antartidee.


When Emi and Daniele left me for a month to go on a business trip to Italy, they met with several potential new vendors. The most distinct vendor of them all was Antartidee. I was barely able to hide my excitement when I was first presented with their catalogue and was anxiously awaiting Emi and Daniele’s return to discuss the possibility of ordering from Antartidee. We spent a lot of time deciding on products, narrowing down a huge list and then finally, placing an order. Of all the products that we received, the Dripping Shelf was my favorite. I was simultaneously very excited but filled with regret because I didn’t order one for myself. However, I did get a Dripping Shelf for Christmas (from Emi and Daniele) and this is definitely one of the best gifts I’ve received in a while. Nearly a month has passed since I first received the shelf. Let me just say that it is so awesome to have such a beautiful shelf to have a place for my dog’s (her name is Spot!) leash and my keys.

Prior to owning this shelf/hook combination, I was constantly searching for my keys and using anything that even remotely resembles a table to put Spot’s leash on. I installed the shelf right above my light switch, right next to my front door. So when I get home from work, I turn on the lights and then hang up my keys. When I walk towards the door, Spot charges over, sits down and looks up at me as if to say, “Are we going out?”. Even Spot has learned that Antartidee is awesome because there is a convenient place for her leash!

Aesthetics? 10/10. The white shelf complements my “almost pea green” and white colored walls perfectly. The surrealist fan in me loves everything about this shelf. This is probably the next best thing to hanging up Salvador Dali artwork in my house! Functionality? 10/10. It is such a sturdy and well made product! I feel like I could put my 47lb dog on the shelf (Please do not try this at home!) and it will hold up just fine! Overall, I am extremely happy to have such a handy and unique wall shelf in my home. I see at least a few more Antartidee products in my future!


Spot is sunbathing like a princess.


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Creativity meets practicality: Antartidee is Here

PERDITEMPO Waste of Time Wall Clock
The PERDITEMPO Wast of Time Wall Clock might, just might, address all productivity issues at the office. Or it might make them worse.

At the beginning of December we received our first shipment from Antartidee, the artisans who hand paint some extremely creative home decor items. We felt like kids in a candy store as their products are so unique and beautiful that we wanted to take them all home for ourselves. Before placing the order, we had spent hours and hours trying to pick the items to order and ended up having to pass on so many of the things that we wanted–it was a bit sad. When the shipment finally arrived, we were able to stop ourselves from looting the boxes and focused on putting some of these treasures up on the website. It is a couple of weeks later now and we have six products available for sale. One even sold already!

For Marcopoloni, Antartidee represents an ideal artisan because their products are full of original inspiration (they are heavily copied around the world) and require the attention and skill of experienced artisans. Antartidee will also enrich the selection in the home/office section of our web site, something that we were looking to do for a while. So this addition represents an important milestone for Marcopoloni and we hope that you will enjoy Antartidee as much as we will!