We Finally Spotted the ZAVATTI on Revolution!

When we sold two ZAVATTI leather backpacks to be shipped to the set of Revolution TV series we dreamed for a little while about endless TV exposure. Little did we know that the bag is so hard to spot that even we didn’t notice it for two full episodes.

Luckily, Emi spotted it while searching through the show’s photos. If she hadn’t found it there we might never have noticed as Nora, having been stabbed, hasn’t really spent much time with it: she has been laying down most of last episode. But, luckily, Nora survived and perhaps there is still hope that the bag will be noticeable in the future.

No matter how it plays out, this has been very exciting for us, and we are going to follow the show to the end, to see if one of our favorite bags becomes famous.

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More New Campomaggi Bags and Accessories

I have to admit it, we are struggling to keep up. We have added six new Campomaggi products already this week and we have so many more to go! Oh, and did I mention that a big shipment is about to leave Italy?

So, let’s see what’s new. I will pick three products:


CERULLI woven leather studded shoulder bag
Everybody picked up this woven leather studded shoulder bag

The CERULLI Woven Leather Studded Shoulder Bag is the bag that I recall everyone who walked up to it would pick up. It is just very attractive.


CONTARINI studded leather pochette
Black leather with rivets

The CONTARINI Studded Leather Pochette looks great in black because of the contrast with the rivets.


MINO leather credit card holder
Credit card holder Campomaggi style

The MINO Credit Card Holder gets the job done in Campomaggi style. It doesn’t have a ton of pockets but it does have a ton of style.

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A Leather Bag with Super Powers

DOLCI TRIS Shearling and Distressed Leather Ladies Handbag
The DOLCI TRIS possesses an inexplicable magnetism.

I don’t write about ladies handbags very often, but this time I feel that I am qualified to give a man’s perspective about a bag that you may find interesting.

The DOLCI Tris is the third variation on a very versatile subject that has given us some of our best sellers, the DOLCI and the DOLCI BIS. I like those bags too, but the DOLCI TRIS has a special magnetism towards me that I had never felt before. The beautiful design, the studs, the distressed leather, and the shearling awaken some long-forgotten primordial instinct I did not know I had. I see pictures of a log cabin with a fireplace while it is snowing outside.

I’ll keep this post short as I think that my point is made: this is the sexiest bag I have ever seen.

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The New SAVOIA Studded Tassel Handbag

The New SAVOIA Studded Tassel Handbag

This week we introduced another member of Campomaggi’s lineup of rugged-chic smaller travel bags. The SAVOIA is smaller than the RAVIZZA and the MALOCELLO but it shares the beauty and versatility: it’s just designed for shorter trips or as a day bag.

With barely enough room for a pair of shoes and a change of (summer) clothes, the SAVOIA will get more use as a handbag than as a travel bag. Its design ensures that you can carry it hands-free as a cross-body or shoulder bag, or simply carry it by hand. Its stocky design ensures that you will not have to dig very far to get to what you are looking for. And the outside pockets are great to secure your phone and find it instantly when it rings. The people looking for you will start to forget about your voice mail message, unless you become too distracted by the beauty of the studded tassels.

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A New Classic Campomaggi Shoulder Bag

DORIA Studded Shoulder Bag with Handles in Cognac

The DORIA Studded Shoulder Bag is an instant classic that fits well in the Campomaggi line of Rugged-Chic bags thanks to the very special way in which the rivets really accentuate the rich color of Campomaggi distressed leather: and that is true for all color variations. Both when it was presented and when it finally arrived five months later, I was very impressed with the DORIA’s looks and functionality.

The DORIA has a few defining features: first, if you fill it enough so that the side walls move further apart, the top will flatten out and the handles will line up, thus making it very easy to pick up the bag. Second, the leather strap is not removable but is adjustable. The strap is a beautiful complement to the bag and I find that the metal adjusting bracket ends up pretty close to end of the strap when you extend the strap to wear the bag cross-body. This avoids having the bracket rub against your shoulder. Finally, the stitched strips of leather that go from the bottom of the bag to the handles’ extremities complete the look with a style that is contemporary but unique.

One last note: Studded bags now also have studs on the edges of the Campomaggi logo leather label. And that looks great too.

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The New LUSTRO Leather Toiletry Bag by Giudi

The LUSTRO Leather Toiletry Bag by Giudi
The LUSTRO Leather Toiletry Bag by Giudi

This week we introduced the latest addition to our lineup of Giudi leather bags. The LUSTRO Leather Toiletry Bag for Men is simple, yet stilish.

At first glance, the LUSTRO toiletry bag strikes you for its appearance. The shape enforced by the hard bottom and the buttons that tie the zipper’s ends to the bag is attractive, the calfskin leather is beautiful, and the zipper with the two distinctive zipper pulls becomes a defining accent.

The bag comes with a detachable strap and the interior is covered by the signature “G” lining by Giudi. There are no pockets, just plenty of space for toiletries. The two zippers enable you to decide where the opening will be so you can hang the bag on a hook and open it to reach its contents without everything spilling out–something that comes in handy when you are in a hotel that doesn’t offer any counter space in the bathroom.

A nice toiletry bag becomes a familiar accessory that adds a touch of luxury to your travels and that makes being away from home more comfortable. The LUSTRO has been designed to be just that and is ready to take off.

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Brushed Leather Bags by Campomaggi

Marco Campomaggi’s ambition is to create bags that help you experience the emotion of the passage of time. It is not enough that quality leather bags age so beautifully on their own. He wants you to experience it from the start and his new line of brushed leather bags is another example of bags that embody experience and character.

Part of the inspiration for the new line came from a reflection about the experience of a school boy who gets his first school satchel: “la cartella”. The satchel is one of his first valuable possessions and one that is very personal–not to be shared with anyone. The satchel becomes a companion who will share your fond memories. It’s in the satchel that you can protect some of your things.

My school desk had an opening where I could slide my satchel. Perhaps Marco had the same type of desk where, every day, multiple times a day, he would slide his cartella in and out. I bet that that motion inspired the way in which he now treats his bags to achieve the desired worn effect: the brushing of the leather against the metal in the same spots caused the satchel to age quickly wherever friction occurrred.

Marco sought a type of vegetable tanned leather that was introduced in Florence in the 1950s. This leather is strong and smooth and can definitely take plenty of brushing; its striking characteristic is its smell: it definitely reminds me of the leather products I used to smell as a child–something that most modern leathers only vaguely resemble. This choice of leather seems very fitting for the style.

The new brushed leather bags are starting to trickle in on the Marcopoloni web site. More information coming soon.

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Really Good Ice Cream

On our last day shopping in Milan our list was almost complete. Only one thing still needed crossing off the list: finding a cool t-shirt that said something cool in Italian.

We were shopping in Corso Buenos Aires, the long avenue between Loreto and Porta Venezia that has always been packed with shops. The difference between 20-30 years ago and today is that so many, if not all, the mom and pop shops that sold Made in Italy clothing have been replaced by affordable and somewhat trendy chain stores displaying imported clothes with all prints in English, or French. Nothing wrong with that, except that we were not making any progress on our goal.

Feeling that time was running out, Emi went shopping while Chiara and I naturally gravitated toward the very long line outside of an ice cream shop. When I read that the ice cream was handmade of natuaral, real, what-we-say-it-is-is-actually-what-is-in-it ingredients I was hooked.

Before our turn came I had plenty of time to pull up the Grom web site. Grom has stores worldwide and it seems that its recipe of getting good ingredients from organic farms to make really good gelato can be replicated. The smile on Chiara’s face as she tasted vanilla ice cream (gelato alla vaniglia) that actually tasted like vanilla was priceless. I am a Grom fan now.

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Shopping to Complement My Studded Leather Belt

The DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt doesn’t match any of the clothes I own. It’s too nice! It is a casual belt, but it can’t be worn with any pair of jeans. It needs a nice pair of jeans of the kind I have seen on well dressed people in Italy.

Luckily, I just happen to be in Italy, in Milan to be exact, my hometown and the hometown of Luca Manzoni, the guy who wears the coolest jeans in the world. So I asked him: “I’m trying to get a pair of really cool jeans. Do you have any suggestions?” Among his many suggestions I tried the last one and I immediately found something that I liked there: at Frav, a small shop near Porta Ticinese.

I got a pair from a French brand that was born in Toulouse and now lives in Paris: Surface to Air Clothing. I found a shirt by the same company that I really liked and, voila`, there is a new me.

Except for the shoes! I can’t wear my old shoes with this outfit!

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My New Campomaggi Belt After One Week

Daniele and his DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi
Daniele and his Campomaggi collection: COLOMBO messenger bag, DANIELE belt loop pouch, and DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt

Last week I received my new Campomaggi belt. It looks amazing and I love it. The problem is that it is going to require, at a minimum, a pair of jeans that I love and looks amazing. Luckily, we are going to Italy next week and I have seen jeans there that definitely can stack up to a Campomaggi belt.

The other problems are: first, that it is not a belt that you wear with the boring shirts that I wear at work; and, second, I don’t want to draw attention to the muffin top that is starting to develop over my jeans.

So my new belt is causing me to pay attention to my figure and my wardrobe. I have been wearing it with the coolest clothes I have and have a few initial impressions to report.

First, it takes a while for the belt loop to loosen up and, at the beginning, it is rather laborious to undo the belt. So plan your rest breaks accordingly.
Second, I am wearing the belt on the tightest hole, which means that the extremity of the belt flaps around a bit and I have to tuck it into my pocket. Make sure to measure the distance from the belt buckle to the hole you use in a belt and let us know. We’ll be able to comment about the fit.
Third (and finally), there is a little patch without studs on the belt. This is designed to help the flap slide over the belt and under the pant’s belt loop. So make sure to position this patch below the pant’s belt loop to help make taking the belt on and off easier.

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