Vroom vroom!

Ever wanted to buy that nice Italian car you’ve been dreaming about? Well, I believe you are in luck! Last week, we received a Gianni shipment with some brand new products. Yes, including a car! We even held a Facebook contest giving away a free car key chain in the color of your choice (available in blue, red, green, white, black and yellow)! Big congratulations to Jennie for being the lucky winner!

Modeled after the Fiat 500, Gianni’s new car key chain takes you one step closer to owning a genuine Italian car. This surely is the case for me since I am a fan of the Fiat 500. If my dog could fit comfortably (and safely!) in a 500, that would be my “new car goal”. Did you know that a Fiat can make coffee for you right in your car? Well, it exists in an upgraded model, the 500L. Seems like the US is out of luck until it has been approved though, but hey, one can dream!

Speedy blue!
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Valentine’s Day

Ahh…Valentine’s Day. The day that represents love and all that embodies it. That much is true but depending on who you ask about the origins of Valentine’s Day, the stories may not be too consistent, if at all. One person may tell you that it all started with a priest by the name of Valentinus who held secretive wedding ceremonies for soldiers. Apparently, weddings and engagements were banned in fear of the soldiers getting distracted by such events. Another may tell you it all started with a pagan festival called Lupercalia, where men and women were paired. Either way, it has evolved into a day where couples, family and friends get together for fun festivities. What are the typical Valentine’s Day activities, you ask? Probably a romantic outing involving a bit of food, enjoying each other’s company and of course, gifts. Are you going to get your significant other the typical gifts of normal roses, heart shaped chocolates and whatnot? I don’t know about that.

If you want something a bit more creative and original but following the general theme of Valentine’s Day, I have some great ideas for you! Hand-picked roses? We have hand-molded ones! Hearts? We don’t skip a beat! Need something for the men? More paua to you! I hope you find something special that is dear to you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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A Heart Arrived in Time for Valentine’s Day

HOOKED ON LOVE Winged Heart Wall Hook
The HOOKED ON LOVE Winged Heart Wall Hook should stay put on your wall and not fly away with your keys.

Does he (or she) desperately misplace his keys? I know that I had one place to put my keys and it worked most of the time. What got me to completely stop misplacing my keys (at least so far) was the addition of a DRIPPING SHELF by Antartidee. So dedicating a super cute hook to the task of reducing key misplacement panics might be a good idea for you too.

The HOOKED ON LOVE Winged Heart Hook sends a message that even the most difficult gift recipient should find agreeable: I got you something that signifies love and freedom, that looks terrific by the door, and that you will remember to use because it is so convenient. It comes with a little hook, which might symbolize that you are the one I kept! Kiss, kiss.

Wow, if I put it like that… I know someone who needs one. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Is it just me or is my shelf dripping?

Unique dripping wall shelf by Antartidee.


When Emi and Daniele left me for a month to go on a business trip to Italy, they met with several potential new vendors. The most distinct vendor of them all was Antartidee. I was barely able to hide my excitement when I was first presented with their catalogue and was anxiously awaiting Emi and Daniele’s return to discuss the possibility of ordering from Antartidee. We spent a lot of time deciding on products, narrowing down a huge list and then finally, placing an order. Of all the products that we received, the Dripping Shelf was my favorite. I was simultaneously very excited but filled with regret because I didn’t order one for myself. However, I did get a Dripping Shelf for Christmas (from Emi and Daniele) and this is definitely one of the best gifts I’ve received in a while. Nearly a month has passed since I first received the shelf. Let me just say that it is so awesome to have such a beautiful shelf to have a place for my dog’s (her name is Spot!) leash and my keys.

Prior to owning this shelf/hook combination, I was constantly searching for my keys and using anything that even remotely resembles a table to put Spot’s leash on. I installed the shelf right above my light switch, right next to my front door. So when I get home from work, I turn on the lights and then hang up my keys. When I walk towards the door, Spot charges over, sits down and looks up at me as if to say, “Are we going out?”. Even Spot has learned that Antartidee is awesome because there is a convenient place for her leash!

Aesthetics? 10/10. The white shelf complements my “almost pea green” and white colored walls perfectly. The surrealist fan in me loves everything about this shelf. This is probably the next best thing to hanging up Salvador Dali artwork in my house! Functionality? 10/10. It is such a sturdy and well made product! I feel like I could put my 47lb dog on the shelf (Please do not try this at home!) and it will hold up just fine! Overall, I am extremely happy to have such a handy and unique wall shelf in my home. I see at least a few more Antartidee products in my future!


Spot is sunbathing like a princess.


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My Campomaggi Studded Leather Belt Is a Magnet for Compliments

Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi: The DAVIDE.
The DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt is a stunning Campomaggi creation that inspires instant love.

I often wear my DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi to parties and it continually draws compliments from multiple people. For a middle-aging guy like me, that is rather enjoyable.

Last fall, at a friend’s six-year-old and four-year-old birthday party, one dad asked me: “wow, do you think I can sport that belt?” and then went on to ask his wife. When I originally saw the belt on Alessandro, I had had a very similar reaction: instant love.

Last week, at a New Year’s Eve party, one girl even asked me to take my belt off so that she could go try it on. Now that was the ultimate compliment and I was very proud to have spotted the leather belt that would turn heads and inspire such appreciation.

I am really happy with my belt. Even if it didn’t draw a constant string of compliments, I would be happy just feeling the spirit of Campomaggi accessories. If you also like it and you are interested in getting a DAVIDE for yourself or someone else, make sure to contact us so that we can verify that the size is going to work well.

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Thank You!

As 2012 draws to a close, we would like to say thank you to our customers and to our artisans. Both our customers and our artisans grew in numbers, and that certainly helped us grow as a business, but both customers and artisans went out of their way, in so many ways, to help us, and that made being in business even more worthwhile.

So, thank you very much, we appreciated it all, and we wish you a happy 2013!

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The Grinch Has Arrived and Fedex Saved the Day

On Saturday 12/22, I got my first inquiry asking whether one of our shipments was going to make it by Christmas. It was a FedEx Ground Home Delivery shipment so it meant that if it was not delivered by Saturday, it wouldn’t be delivered until after Christmas. That is because the Home Delivery service delivers on Saturday but not on Monday.

The tracking information showed no scans since Tuesday 12/18. Clearly this package had been affected by the snow storm in the Midwest.  After calling FedEx I knew that this package was not going to be there on time. So I e-mailed and called the customer to deliver the bad news.

As I was contemplating the possibility of making a run to the office to ship a replacement (I would have had to get my daughter ready, drive to the office, prepare the shipment, and drop it off in about 30 minutes–an impossible feat), I realized that at least 10 packages were in the exact same situation. My heart sank, and it sank really deep. I was responsible for 10 ruined Christmases. I was the Grinch!

So I called again and I asked if Fedex was considering making FedEx Ground Home Deliveries on Monday, as an exception, to help those packages arrive before Christmas. They said: “Yes!” and I started holding onto a glimmer of hope until, Sunday night, I saw that all packages got scanned near their destinations but the expected delivery dates where Wednesday and Thursday after all. I was the Grinch!

Monday morning I got my Christmas gift: all the packages had been delivered except for a couple that had an arrangement to be held at the FedEx office! FedEx kept its promise! I couldn’t believe it! Just like that, I was no longer the Grinch. Thank you so much FedEx! You have made my day and earned my gratitude.


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Creativity meets practicality: Antartidee is Here

PERDITEMPO Waste of Time Wall Clock
The PERDITEMPO Wast of Time Wall Clock might, just might, address all productivity issues at the office. Or it might make them worse.

At the beginning of December we received our first shipment from Antartidee, the artisans who hand paint some extremely creative home decor items. We felt like kids in a candy store as their products are so unique and beautiful that we wanted to take them all home for ourselves. Before placing the order, we had spent hours and hours trying to pick the items to order and ended up having to pass on so many of the things that we wanted–it was a bit sad. When the shipment finally arrived, we were able to stop ourselves from looting the boxes and focused on putting some of these treasures up on the website. It is a couple of weeks later now and we have six products available for sale. One even sold already!

For Marcopoloni, Antartidee represents an ideal artisan because their products are full of original inspiration (they are heavily copied around the world) and require the attention and skill of experienced artisans. Antartidee will also enrich the selection in the home/office section of our web site, something that we were looking to do for a while. So this addition represents an important milestone for Marcopoloni and we hope that you will enjoy Antartidee as much as we will!

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The Fall/Winter Caterina Lucchi Collection is Here

The BARILE bag by Caterina Lucchi
The BARILE bag by Caterina Lucchi hanging from our new VITENDINO wall hook by Antartidee.

The fall/winter Caterina Lucchi collection arrived in November. We worked really hard to take pictures and post the bags to the web site and were immediately rewarded by an immediate response from our best customers. We are not used to such a response as it usually takes months for new products to even get noticed.

We named the new collection the Heritage Collection because the way these bags are treated and designed suggests a link to previous generations and our traditions. Despite this, the bags are extremely fresh and their practicality is definitely inspired by today’s trends.

After witnessing this great reception by our customers, we now expect Caterina Lucchi to become a more established designer in the United States as well. In Europe, she sometimes seems to attract more attention than Campomaggi, so I fully expect our global audience to begin to take notice as well.

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The ZAVATTI Has a Day in The Sun

On yesterday’s episode of the TV Series Revolution, the ZAVATTI leather backpack by Campomaggi got a lot of exposure, so much (when compared to other episodes) that we feel that it was featured! One time Nora set the bag down to go talk to her sister. When she returns to it there is a fairly lengthy shot of the bag as it is being picked up. What was remarkable was the beauty of the shot: the sun was shining on the distressed olive brown leather and it was just like when I open the trunk of my car and the sun shines on my COLOMBO. The color of the leather becomes rich and warm–absolutely beautiful.

Later, when Nora and her sister separated, we got to watch Nora run away as she went back to help her friends. As Nora ran away the ZAVATTI was in plain view for a while.

As you can see, it was not that much, but it certainly got us very excited… And it will keep us watching a TV series like we are actual fans.

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