Why Handmade?

We at Marcopoloni strongly believe …
it’s not WHAT you give that’s important, but WHY you give it.

Sure, an evening out at an expensive restaurant might be nice, but surprising that special someone with a home-cooked meal which showcases the covert culinary training you’ve been going through (ever since your last attempt which ended up with every single smoke detector in your house going off) … could be even better.

A diamond necklace recommended by the slightly over-eager saleswoman at the exclusive boutique shop might be nice … Okay, let’s get real, it IS nice, but a necklace that is hand-picked by you because it brings out the color in her eyes and its unique design compliments her personality … could be even better.

Shopping for a mass-produced gift that could be found in every department store across the country might require less thinking, but giving something special … something that was handmade by a skilled artisan who pours his/her pride into each piece of work, and carefully selected by YOU… is SO MUCH BETTER.

MARCOPOLONI … handmade on planet earth.

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