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I was born in Milan, Italy, completed my education in the United States and after a few years of actually working, embarked in entrepreneurial endeavors.

I delve deep into my passions: when I was young I could be counted on to show up to play in four soccer matches on any Sunday. Now that my body can’t keep up with my mind, I fill that void with family, cooking, and coding. I like to remind people that “you are what you eat,” and I add: ” … and drink, and breathe, and wear.” And this really explains why I have such a passion for quality, handmade things: paying attention to details can be very rewarding.

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A native of Tokyo, Japan, I Emi-grated to the States when I was five years old (and no, I don’t like puns unless they’re absolutely irresistible). In school, I studied cognitive science where I learned to ask intriguing but  completely real-life-inapplicable questions like “how does the brain recognize a straight line?” I then went on to do different things ranging from business consulting to tech support, before having my a-ha moment which lead me to where I am today.

My passions include traveling (mostly just wishing I were), photography (trying to learn how not to take really bad photos), and soccer (I have been known to practice kicking the ball in my sleep). My favorite quote is: In every truth, the opposite is equally true [Siddhartha]. I don’t know why, except it just sounds … true. And not true. At the same time.

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I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up loving hiking and the outdoors so when I moved to San Jose, California I was right at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

When I’m not on the trails, or working (a lot), I create; you name it, crochet, sewing, drawing, paper crafts, baking, I love it all. There’s something quite amazing about taking an idea and seeing that idea transform and progress until it comes to fruition, especially if that final product can put a smile on someone’s face.

Tom D'Evelyn - Guest Writer
Tom – Guest Writer

Tom D’Evelyn has held various positions in publishing and editing and currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

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