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Campomaggi: Online vs. Real Life


Before I started working at Marcopoloni I had visited their website numerous times, browsing through the different bags, impressed by the wide variety of styles. I was always intrigued by the Campomaggi bags, rugged with the perfect “already worn-in” look. I never took the plunge and purchased a bag though as I had become jaded to the whole online shopping idea, with previous purchases from other online retailers not quite living up to the perfectly photo-shopped pictures on their websites. It was so disappointing to receive the shipping box I had been excitedly anticipating only to discover the item I ordered looked nothing like I was expecting or the quality was poor. So I just kept browsing….

Flash forward to five months ago, when I came to work for Marcopoloni and was personally introduced to the Campomaggi bags that I had admired from afar. It was love at first sight, and smell.

As my desk is located in the Campomaggi warehouse, the first thing I noticed about these bags was their unique scent. It’s hard to describe, but they have a rich, slightly fruity, buttery smell that is different from any other leather products I have been around. It’s not overwhelming, but just strong enough to remind you that your bag is a Campomaggi. They should really think about making air fresheners, I’d love my car to smell like a Campomaggi bag.

The construction and quality of the bags makes Campomaggi really stand out to me. The leather is soft, yet just by looking at it, you can tell that it is top notch. You can feel from the weight of the bag that is it solidly made, and the rivets and buckles are heavy duty and made to last. But the thing that I most love about Campomaggi is how the distressing and dyeing can affect the look of each and every bag. As the leather is distressed after the bag is put together, each bag becomes truly unique, there is nothing cookie cutter about Campomaggi.  Two “Espresso” colored bags can be two totally different shades of brown, and one bag can have beautiful variations of color across its body. One thing that impresses me about Marcopoloni is their insistence in making sure that their customers can see every single Campomaggi bag that is available for purchase. By taking the time to photograph and post each bag, Marcopoloni gives the customer shopping on the website the unique experience of being able to pick out the exact bag they would like.


An example of how each individual bag accepts dye differently. Three Campomaggi TURRIANO Crossbody Bags in the Vinaccia color.



Campomaggi’s BASSANI Hobo Bag with a beautiful variation of color.

I know from personal experience that there is just the right bag out there. As I walked in the warehouse everyday, the DOLCI bucket bag kept calling out to me as a bag I’d love to own. I was deciding between the Cognac or Espresso color, but I wasn’t quite sold yet. Until the day we received DOLCI Cognac #6. There was something about that particular bag that made me say “yep, that’s the one”, some slight variation in the color or cut of the woven leather that made it stand out.

Now that I’ve spent so much time around the Campomaggi brand, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one online, as I know the quality would be exactly what I would expect. Although I would only buy it from 🙂




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By Debra Drummond

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. I grew up loving hiking and the outdoors so when I moved to San Jose, California I was right at home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. When I'm not on the trails, or working (a lot), I create; you name it, crochet, sewing, drawing, paper crafts, baking, I love it all. There's something quite amazing about taking an idea and seeing that idea transform and progress until it comes to fruition, especially if that final product can put a smile on someone's face.

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I love the story of meeting “the one”. I had a similar experience with a Santarelli that came and was immediately sold to a customer. I waited for years for another one like it and finally I settled for something that was close enough (and was calling my name). Lesson learned: when “the one” comes along you must not hesitate! 🙂

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