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Work Harder, Not Smarter, with This Antartidee Desk Clock

When I was a teenager I found that the most effective way to get my homework done was to set a definitive time slot within which to get it done. Having deadlines of this kind of frees up a lot of space on your schedule because you do not allow time for distractions or entertainment.

The technology in smartphones and computers is great, but there is no need to set alarms or use reminders when you know that right now you have to work on the task at hand and that you only have until 10:38 to get it done. You just need to keep an eye on the clock.

So you must have a clock. My computer of course has one, but I prefer using a desk clock, one whose time is subjective and that forces me to say: “when the minute hand gets to somewhere around 35 I have to be done.”

I use a Slipping Time desk clock. Telling time is a bit approximate and the hand with time slipping through it does tend to make me philosophize. Here is the kicker: because I work so hard telling time, I work even harder on my project. It totally builds character.

Slipping Time Desk Clock

One of my favorite things: the Slipping Time which, apparently, makes me work harder, not smarter.

Ok, my humor-attempt is lame, but the clock is beautiful and incredibly unique. I love the way the clock melts through the fingers and even begins to collect on the table. There are a ton of beautiful and intricate details that also show how the clock was very carefully hand-painted.

I feel that a little bit of beauty on my desk elevates my work-environment and injects a little bit of fun. And that is something I appreciate a lot.

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