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What Does A Quality Men’s Leather Wallet Look Like After 11 Years

A good quality leather wallet is hard to find. Over the years the makers of leather wallets have found that customers tend to gravitate towards cheaper products and have started making cheaper and cheaper products. The problem is that quality suffers as a result and nobody even seems to notice. At Marcopoloni, we believe that quality has its rewards and that is why we strive to preserve it.

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First the answer: it still looks great if not better than ever.

My Moneta Wallet After 11 Years
My Moneta Wallet After 11 Years

I treated my Moneta leather wallet fairly gently and as a result it has not aged much: the stitching is intact and there are no tears, cuts, or bruises to speak of. My Moneta is black which does not change much over the years anyway (unlike brown, for example). It is now a bit more opaque than eleven years ago but the leather feels better than it ever did: it’s more supple and soft, I love it.

I often wonder how long it will last in great shape. I once saw a wallet that was shredding to pieces after less than two years and had cost $10. My Moneta only cost $56 (that’s our 2004 price), so I am already matching the same cost per year as my friend and know that I have made the better long term investment. Ultimately, it’s not about the cost per year: it’s about enjoying your wallet.

Another reason why I support high quality leather wallets is the lower impact on landfills. We often speak against the throwaway mentality of cheap fashion and this is a good example. If my wallet lasts 20 years (and I have reasons to believe that it will surpass that milestone) its impact will only be equal to 10% the impact of those far cheaper wallets.

The Marcopoloni selection of wallets is excellent. We start with thinner Giudi wallets and go all the way up to Campomaggi wallets. In between are Dionigi wallets, which, in my opinion, are a great buy. They have also added a new line of wallets which we are likely going to carry in the future.

2015 New Dionigi Style
The new style of Dionigi wallets introduced in 2015. Pretty attractive if you ask me.

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