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Unforgettable Toy Music Boxes: Listen To The Songs Available

I recently talked about how our music boxes stir up your past but at the time we did not have the songs available for you to listen. When we sent out our latest newsletter we introduced our new artisan, Sabatino e Catia, and we made sure to record all the songs that accompany our music boxes so far.

Rotating ceramic music box
A very cute rotating ceramic music box with a boy piloting a race car.

Below I have grouped the music boxes by song so that you can see, as of the date of this post, all the music boxes available that play each song. Follow the links provided to listen to the song.

It’s a Small World

Ninna Nanna/Lullaby (Brahms)

O Sole Mio

  • FARO (temporarily sold out)
  • ISOLA (temporarily sold out)

Magic Flute/Flauto Magico

Can Can

Vie en Rose

Walzer dei Fiori

Bach Minuetto

Lover’s Concerto – Bach (Minuetto)

Biancaneve Hehoo

Funiculi` Funicula`

Unfortunately we did not record “O Sole Mio” before we sold out of the products, but we will make sure to record it at the next opportunity. I am also sure that we will get more music boxes as time goes by. If you are interested in our music boxes make sure to stay up-to-date by signing up for our newsletter below.

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