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Today I Helped One of Our Customers With Baptism Favors


I have just had a very special last 24 hours. One of our best customers just had a baby girl and for her baptism he and his wife decided to use a gift from Marcopoloni to give to their guests.

First of all, we love babies. If you tell us that you just had a baby you have to send us pictures, otherwise we can’t function very well. After we have been able to definitively establish that your baby is, indeed, the most beautiful baby that ever came to this world: “congratulations!”. Now we can change the subject.

The Baptism is in a little over a week and the dad is looking for some party favors, what we call bomboniere in Italy, and would like some flower key chains. Perfect, we have enough, and we have an ideal gift wrap paper and ribbon that will be just right for the celebration. Given that the package will arrive just a couple of days before the great event, I make sure that he leaves the gift wrapping up to us. If there is something that I always experience when I organize parties, it is that there is never enough time to work on the final details.

Emi and I spend a couple of hours feverishly preparing the package and manage to send it out with the utmost care on the same day. We send it with the hope that our efforts gave the parents either more time to sleep or to get ready for the party.

I hope that this will turn out to be a success story. It certainly helped that the dad and I had talked a few times in the past so I knew the customer and the customer knew what we could do.

When it is time for a hand picked super high quality gift, think Marcopoloni, but, for the perfect experience, take the time to know us so that we can serve you best. Begin by signing up for our newsletter below and make sure to e-mail us your questions!

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