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The New Campomaggi Fall/Winter 2015 Collection – Part 1

I have to hand it to Marco. Getting a new collection to explore every six months is very exciting and stimulating. Talking to our customers, you are also very excited about the new arrivals. What we have found over the years is that our initial impressions favor bags and accessories that our customers are only going to discover later on–meaning that we tend to pick the wrong products. There are exceptions of course. Sometimes we bet on a bag and it proves popular: so popular, in fact, that we quickly run out and then have to scramble to reorder.

While we will continue to refine our forecasting skills forever, this fall Campomaggi’s new products have been met with considerable success. The most popular and most awaited products have been the new leather or canvas backpacks, which have greatly expanded our offering. Before this season, we had the Zavatti, the Perotto and little else. They were nice options but the new bags show that they try to improve on many little details.

DE AGOSTINI Camo Leather Asymmetrical Backpack
One of The New Campomaggi Leather Backpack for Fall 2015.

The new backpacks are either in leather, or canvas, or both (canvas with big leather pockets). Each model seems to answer at least a specific question. If you need a spacious backpack: there is one that is really spacious; if you are looking for more comfortable straps: multiple bags have very wide straps that are less likely to cut into your shoulders after a while; if you are looking for more pockets where to quickly store stuff: he has you covered. One of my favorite features is the zippered pocket that fills toward the back and is accessible from the side (see the Verrazano).

VOLTA Distressed Canvas backpack with lots of pockets.
VOLTA Distressed Canvas backpack with lots of pockets and padded, large straps.

In our recent newsletter, we offered $75 off orders of $500 or more (offer code: MP500). The offer expires this week, so hurry!

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