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Peroni Leather Is Unlike Any Other

Peroni leather products are in a class of their own. They are so unique that they really belong in the Marcopoloni catalog. Having used the OTTICA for a few months now, I can only speak very highly of them. Read this post to find out why!

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We just added a couple of Peroni products to our catalog in 2015 after drooling over their wonderful products for years. Their products are so unique that we are not sure if our customers will notice them, yet they are so unique that they are a perfect fit for Marcopoloni: Peroni is a family in Florence that has taken the Florentine leather crafting tradition to new heights–exactly what we want to tell the world about.

Leather Eyeglasses Case
Peroni leather embodies the most luxurious construction we have ever seen.

What I like the most about Peroni is how their exceptional skill to make hardened leather products out of a single cut of leather–thus requiring no stitching–results in products that are a cut (or two) above the rest. It is quite possible that we carry the OTTICA because I needed an eyeglasses case for my reading glasses. It is hard for me to pass up on an opportunity to get something that I need from one of our artisans. So now I can tell you how it has worked out. First of all: function. The OTTICA provided the much needed protection for my eyeglasses, which I was carrying around unprotected. Besides the peace of mind that it provided, the OTTICA became a perfect extension of my style and a reliable helper. It has a place in my briefcase (the SANTARELLI), it sits nicely on my desk, it provides a reminder to pack it at the end of the day with my glasses inside (otherwise I seem to invariably forget about my glasses every few days).

But the OTTICA does a lot more. Its quality makes me feel that it will last me well over ten years and that I might pass it on to the next person in need of eye-help in my family. It looks good, or should I say fabulous? So when it sits next to my SLIPPING TIME clock and my GOTO SBRUFFO Murano glass tumbler it is right at home. When I pick it up it feels different from Campomaggi or Dionigi leather, but just as luxurious. Opening it and closing it reminds me of the attention to detail by the craftsman: let’s not forget that this is leather without hinges, not hard, manufactured plastic.

Leather Eyeglasses Case
The OTTICA at rest, still protecting my glasses.

I haven’t tried the rest of the vast Peroni catalog, but as I seek order and peace in my life I am sure that many of them will call to me in the future. I encourage you to try them out. At present, we also carry the FERRO coin purse.

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