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Happy Halloween!

Marco as Roberto Baggio
Marco looks pretty tough as Roberto Baggio

I did not grow up with Halloween. So I never got to experience the excitement, and I know that I would have liked it because I have one ginormous sweet tooth. On second thought, that’s probably a good thing as I would be completely toothless now.

But my kids are different and I want to help them enjoy this wonderful celebration by helping them go through the excitement of choosing a costume, getting dressed up, going trick or treating and partying with friends. And that we did. I’ve never seen Marco run around so much. It was evident that he had a little extra fuel to burn before going to sleep. Chiara said that: “she liked all the spooky and fun decorations!!” and made sure I included the two exclamation marks. :-)!

Gratian_Solidus di Rasiel SuarezOpera propria. Con licenza CC BY-SA 3.0 tramite Wikimedia Commons.

I have decided that next year I am going to spend more time preparing for Halloween. I am going to decorate our place a bit, even though we are not going to be there, and everyone in our family is going to be have a cool costume, not just the kids. I want to be Emperor Graziano (since my last name is Graziani), an obscure emperor that no one has ever heard of before except for perhaps a brief mention in the Gladiator movie: an obscure mention that no one has even noticed. But me. I hope to use the whole year preparing my costume so that it can be strikingly accurate, with a few handmade elements to reflect my personality.

Now we have a TON of candy! Let me know if you want me to include some in your next order! :-).

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