Marcopoloni, the Tiny Business

Happy 12th Birthday Marcopoloni!

Another year has passed and it is fun to think about how much things have changed. A year ago Marco was still coming to the office three days a week, we hadn’t begun redesigning our Web site, and we hadn’t yet conceived our Campomaggi report that is so fun to read.

Now our home page begins to tell our story and that of our artisans, we communicate with our customers about the developments that interest them the most, and we are making progress on some significant projects. At present, we are transitioning our accounting system to QuickBooks Online and are integrating it with our website through their API.

Streamlining our accounting processes is expected to free up time that we can devote to our artisans–something that is sorely needed. In the last twelve months, in fact, we have added three artisans, but could not devote enough time to tell you all about them. I wonder if anyone out there could even name all three of them. That is one of the things I hope to be able to change this year.

Over the next twelve months there are lots of things that I want to do. I want to figure out ways to make the excellence of our artisans more palpable. To achieve that I plan on sharing more pages that include videos of our artisans and their products. I want to also show bigger pictures and answer more questions. Behind the scenes I will develop systems for better serving you. The list of ideas is so long that it almost feels daunting. But we know that by chipping away at these lists things actually improve and that is what you should expect.

Finally, we plan on being as responsive to you as ever and encourage you to contact us. Also, to stay up to date with our progress, sign up to our newsletter. We only send out up to 6 every year and do not sell e-mail addresses.

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