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Carousel Music Boxes Fondly Stir Up Your Past

Music boxes latch on to memories and our hearts. Sabatino and Catia’s rotating music boxes are inspired by their life experiences, which are also our life experiences. Because they make each by hand, these music boxes are a unique gift that will be personally cherished for a lifetime.

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As they were completing their university studies, Sabatino and Catia, decided to spend time creating something they were passionate about: carousel music boxes. The passion grew and after they graduated they continued pursuing it–for life.

Thirty years later Sabatino and Catia have lived through many stages in life and those experiences are reflected in their creations. Today we have music boxes that capture moments with infinite sweetness. The way the baby hugs the goose, for example, reminds me exactly of how our baby Marco (at about the age of one) used to hug our old dog Rigatoni.

small baby hugging a goose rotating music box
Small baby hugging a goose rotating music box.

Similarly, our other music boxes tell the story of our discoveries, fantasies, and happy moments. For us older folks, there are plenty of memories like that. Memories that we cherish revisiting. For babies and young children those memories are fast being created. We gave our daughter Chiara a Horsey Carousel (she is very fond of horses to say the least) and she loves playing with it from time to time and when she does our little Marco is immediately drawn to it. Sometimes, when we play it around bed-time, he lays down on his bed, puts his head on his pillow and listens intently.

We have started giving these to celebrate new births and Chiara gave one to her close friend. I wonder if that carousel will become as dear as a music box that my wife received from her best friend when she was a child. When Chiara was two she discovered it and from time to time asked us to wind it. She was not the only one to love it. Now that I have been thinking about it, I know that, next time I open the display case that houses it, I will give it a spin.

What is particularly special about these rotating music boxes is that they are completely handmade and painted, thus each item is pretty unique. Just like us.

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