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A Stronger Dollar Means Lower Prices from Japan

After years of constantly rising, the Japanese yen has come all the way back to the exchange rate that feels normal to us. We can afford to buy from our Japanese artisans again!

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In yesterday’s newsletter Emi announced: “Thanks to the sustained, favorable Dollar-to-Yen exchange rates, we were able to lower the prices of all products from our Japanese artisans. What this means to you is a savings of up to 25%!”

Over the last year or so the Yen lost 38% of its value going right back to the exchange rate that we were used to about a decade ago of 120 Yen to a Dollar. When the Yen reached its peak near 75 Yen to a Dollar, it was impossible for us to buy from our Japanese artisans. This was disheartening but we could no longer keep on raising prices as sales were plummeting. Now the Dollar looks stronger and with an interest rate hike on the horizon we are somewhat confident that it is not going to dive again. That’s why we felt it was time to take out the ax and slash prices.

Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup Set
Wonderful detail of the Hagi noren tapestry by Yoshioka-san.

Which product saw the biggest price drop? It was the HAGI Noren Curtain that went from $375 to $280.

On Dai’s side the FUUFU Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup Set price dropped 24% from $145 to $110.

Japanese Yunomi Tea Cup Set
Yunomi Tea Cup set in irabo glaze by Dai.

With the lower prices at hand, welcoming new Japanese crafts into your world will help you take more time to appreciate the moment.

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