Why we post pictures of (almost) every Campomaggi bag we sell!

One of our 2015 goals at Marcopoloni is to continue posting individual photos of each Campomaggi bag for sale on our website. That means each actual bag, front and back, so that you can preview the exact bag before you buy it. You can see this in action when you go to add a Colombo bag to your shopping cart, for example, and the pull-down menu lists a whole bunch of different options like ‘Distressed Cognac 1,’ ‘Distressed Cognac 2,’ etc. When you view the corresponding thumbnail photos on the page, you can see the exact bag front and back before adding it to your cart. Why? Because these Campomaggi bags of distressed leather can have so many differences – even among the same shipment of the same bags in the same color – that we realized we had to go the extra mile to successfully sell them and keep our Campomaggi fans happy.

You can see the unique markings from the leather distressing process on this Colombo messenger bag.
You can see the unique markings from the leather distressing process on this Colombo messenger bag in Cognac color.

This is also a Colombo in Cognac - quite different from the one above!
This is also a Colombo in Cognac – quite different from the one above!

It all started years ago when Emi and Daniele received the first shipment from Campomaggi. During a trip to Italy to find artisans, they had fallen in love with Campomaggi bags and decided to sell them here in the U.S. So they ordered eight different styles of bag. Upon opening the boxes, they realized some of the bags looked very different than the ones they’d seen in Campomaggi’s warehouse – things like darker or lighter shades than they saw before, bags that had two slightly different color straps, and major variations in color and texture in different parts of the same bag.

It turns out that Marco Campomaggi’s bags are intentionally made to be imperfect. They undergo a unique manufacturing process, where each bag is washed, dyed and distressed in its entirety after all the parts are put together – straps, lining and all. This technique (patented by Marco’s Campomaggi brand) not only gives his bags their vintage, weathered look, but also makes each single piece really a one-of-a-kind work of art. In fact, it GUARANTEES that no two bags are exactly alike. Because each “skin” is unique in the way it absorbs color, stretches and shrinks, each finished bag is distinct in its color, tonality, and texture. The resulting shape and size may also vary slightly.

Over time, we at Marcopoloni realized that showing each exact bag was the best way to offer top customer service. We encouWe have even been known to e-mail our customers photos of one of us wearing the bag, if modeling shots are not already posted on our website. It’s just one more way to ensure the best service for our customers. And it’s sure to keep us very busy through 2015 and beyond! Are there any photos of handbags you want to see? Or are you curious about this “going the extra mile” customer service? We encourage your phone calls and e-mails!

Happy New Year 2015!

I have been wishing happy new year for a few years now, perhaps it will become a holiday tradition. Of course, as usual, I am a few days late, but I don’t plan on doing any better in the years to come: time with the kids is too much fun to worry about a technicality. Today is the Epiphany and the last day of the Christmas holidays in Italy. Tomorrow all of our vendors get back to work and I will begin working like a madman, but today I still have a pretty quiet day.

Hence I get to wish you a pretty relaxed HAPPY NEW YEAR and can move on to a few business thoughts.

2014 was the year of discovery for us. Emi and I finally completed our discussion to define our brand. This is a discussion that took us years to complete. Just as we did that we met a new artisan who embodies the philosophy of Marcopoloni 100%: Bahadir from Baharra Design House in New York who makes the most wonderful handcrafted jewelry rooted in the Turkish tradition. Earlier this year we went to visit Alessandro and Nicola and their families in Cortona, Italy and added to our catalog shoes that are to die for when you see the quality, workmanship, and design that they embody. At the end of the year we also added their wonderful bags and received our first leather jackets, which you will see in 2015.

In 2015 we will most likely add another leather artisan who makes unparalleled products. The skill involved in getting such finesse packed into their products is such that you do not see that ANYWHERE else. So if you have ever wished that you could have even better quality small leather accessories, 2015 will be an interesting year. We are also always looking for new vendors and would like to expand into scarves (it’s really difficult to find handmade textiles any more) and anything else that is soulful and handmade. If you have any ideas or suggestions please send them our way! Remember that Marcopoloni is dedicated to you and so getting the products that you suggest is a high priority for us as long as they fit with our philosophy.

So, have a great year and let’s see if we can have an even more amazing catalog by the end of the year. If you are a Marcopoloni fan, please tell your friends and family!