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Travel Diary of A Canvas Crivelli By Campomaggi

Campomaggi designed the CRIVELLI canvas with the user in mind. It is light, spacious, secure and easy to access. But above all it is comfortable and convenient.

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When we went to Italy we decided to bring a Crivelli canvas Campomaggi backpack as an easy to carry carry-on that we could take everywhere with ease. We filled it with mostly Marco’s stuff so it became a sizable diaper back during the trip.

CRIVELLI canvas backpack by Campomaggi
The Crivelli Canvas is a spacious Campomaggi backpack

Besides being spacious, the backpack had quite a few features that I appreciated during the trip. The first thing was that I could get to the contents with just one hand. The magnetic buckles are easy to find and undo, you can flap the flap open, undo the drawstring by pulling on the fastener, loosen the tightened closure string and you are in. The way I described it sounds laborious and it is, but given that it is a backpack, you really don’t want it to be too easy to access when you are worried about pick-pockets. This leads me to the other thing that I liked: for access to emergency items, such as wet wipes, the two front pockets were absolutely perfect. The magnetic buckles closed them securely and made them easy to open. I thanked Marco Campomaggi many times for designing the backpack like that.

The Crivelli canvas backpack is very nice as it almost feels like Campomaggi created it so that he could use it. It is extremely robust and the shoulder straps are padded so that it is not only comfortable to wear, it is also not painful if you choose to pick it up by one of the straps. There is also a very solid short handle that you can use. I thought that it was well designed, light, and a pleasure to carry.

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