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The New Magically Braided Leather by Campomaggi

We don’t know how Campomaggi came up with the braided accents in his new bags, but we will find out some day.

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Perhaps our favorite new design introduced by Marco Campomaggi for the 2015 Spring Summer collection is the line of bags that features braided leather. At first look, besides its gracious appearance, which is unique, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about it. But upon further inspection, it appears that it is one single strip of leather that has been sliced inside twice (to create the three strips) but without cutting any of the three strips loose from the rest.

For days now we have been saying to ourselves that there must be a simple explanation. We even had a few ideas that looked promising, yet nothing has proven to be a satisfying explanation. As I write this, I feel that there is at least one reader out there who knows exactly how this is done. If you are the one, please write to us the explanation, because, so far, we think that it is magic.

SANARELLI Shoulder Bag Braided Leather Accents Beige
The SANARELLI shoulder bag with braided accents

In fact, given that Christmas is around the corner, we speculate that these were made in Santa’s shop: that is how the braid was accomplished. I am glad that we found the answer!

To prove my point that I believe that this line is really attractive, I will share that I keep on telling Emi that the Sanarelli is super cute and that she should get one. I don’t know if she will listen to me, but she has at least hung one of them by her desk at work. I will let you know what happens, but for the time being take a look at the modeling shot she took and tell me it is not awesome: I won’t believe you.

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