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The New Campomaggi Collection Has Landed!

The new Campomaggi collection arrived and it is really attractive. For the first time in over a year we have some compelling new design features that made us fall in love.

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The first installment of the Campomaggi Spring/Summer 2015 collection arrived Monday afternoon and we attacked it as quickly as possible as we were anxious with anticipation. In a nutshell, this is a very inspired new collection.

Emi and I spent Monday and Tuesday feverishly taking pictures and adding the products to the database (not an easy thing to do in the middle of the busy holiday season) and the result has been that by Tuesday night we had all the products up on the Just Landed page. I am very proud of getting that done so quickly.

NOTE: If you are reading this much after December 17, 2014, the products will probably have been moved to the regular catalog.

Personally, I was very impressed last summer by the line that Marco Campomaggi called “Medioevo”. Those are the bags with the tight woven pattern that is held in place by studs of different colors. The Dolci IV is a perfect example:

DOLCI IV Mini Bauletto Espresso
A great sample of the Campomaggi Spring Summer 2015 Collection

When we received the bags we fell even more in love. I really like the DOLCI IV, the RIVA, and the SOFIA wallet. They are so “Campomaggi” and hard to resist. Studs and Campomaggi leather have always been a good pair, but now the tight pattern of studs to match the tight pattern of the woven leather is really attractive and creative. I think that this will become one of the classic Campomaggi design features.

There are more styles that arrived and I will talk about them later. I am curious to know, what do you think about this Campomaggi design?

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