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The Campomaggi Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Has Classic Traits

Last month we received the Fall/Winter 2014 Campomaggi collection, which features a return to more classic Campomaggi inspired designs and a departure from the open tote in a seemingly infinite number of varieties that was starting to bore fans. What we received is very exciting and some of the models are certainly destined to become classics.

Out of all the new designs, the most interesting one features two columns of studs rising from the bottom of the bag and stopping where they meet the zipper of the front pocket. At the other side of the zipper begins the handle.

The C1666 PALMIERi
A square shoulder tote that can also be worn crossbody

The line presents the logo in the front, which is a departure from the classic logo on the back. The PALMIERI is one example of this. My feeling is that the decision to move it was prompted by customer requests.

Another cool design presents a vertical column of exotic studs that wraps around the bottom of the bag. Like the previous line the studs look solid and not ready to pop out and create headaches and definitely contribute to the rugged look of the famous Campomaggi distressed rugged-chic leather.

Campomaggi handbag
Shoulder bag with studded strap detailing and curled up leather.

This particular model, the PASEO, also features the “arricciature” style that uses leather that has been slightly folded together to give it a crumpled look. It is a nice detail that works well.

Two other new designs can be seen on the C1820 and C1764. The C1820 is a classic Campomaggi tablet bag, unusually small and welcome by those who don’t need to carry much any more. The C1764 features the “manette” (handcuffs) design feature: the shape of the bag and the feature make it very attractive.

At present, you can find these bags in the Just Landed section of the web site. As time flows they will be moved to the catalog.

Many of the older Campomaggi bags can be found on sale here on the Campomaggi Fall 2014 Clearance page. Use coupon code CM30FALL to get your discount.

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