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One Week with My Campomaggi Studded Belt Pouch

My Nicola and I arrived safely in Italy.  I have worn it everyday and quickly realized that I had room to spare. So, on occasion, I carried a small cell phone in the inner pocket along with my Moneta coin compartment wallet, and my still useful Galaxy SII in the outer pocket outside the Note 3.

Traveling with two small children is not very easy as demand for your hands is at its peak. Having a reliable pouch that stores your phone and wallet seems indispensable. It feels that I am constantly reaching for my phone, whether it is to capture a memory or to find my way around.

I even got two unexpected compliments for it by people who knew their pouches. The best comment was: “better than Prada” while the most insightful was to be careful not to scratch the car as you get in and out. I have said it before that the Nicola does not seem to get in the way. I am sure that I will bang it into something eventually but that doesn’t seem to be my problem yet.
So far the Nicola studded belt pouch is the perfect companion on our exploratory part of our trip. No one has ever tried to pick-pocket from it so far even though Emi caught me with one (and sometimes both) button open. Next, we are going to visit our artisans.

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