One Thing Is Better Than Two

I was walking at the mall while Chiara was attending a birthday party and I saw a sign outside of a restaurant that said: “TWO THINGS ARE BETTER THAN ONE”.


I don’t think so.

But that is the marketing logic that we have come to accept. Yet, I think, it should be challenged.

When it comes to food, could it be that one dish with finer ingredients is better than two dishes made with cheaper ingredients or less skillfully prepared? By following this train of thought I realize that pretty much everything we consume faces a trade off between quality and quantity–and quantity is not necessarily always the winner.

On the other hand, I am not sure that quality is necessarily always the winner either. But it does seem to be the winner when it comes to the artisanal products that we sell at Marcopoloni.

So my point is not that quality is always better than quantity but it is just as valiant a competitor in the fight, especially for things that are so important to us like food. That is why I was so moved by that sign: because we are what we eat and we should carefully evaluate the food that we intake.

We had an experience that somewhat makes this point. When we went to a wedding in Japan Emi bought a pair of shoes that were suitable to wear with her dress and looked nice. But we had to walk to the reception and we watched these shoes come apart and Emi’s feet scream for something comfortable. After the reception, the first thing we did was get a pair of traditional Japanese wooden flip flops and happiness was restored.

That experience seems to repeat itself when we choose to buy something cheap. Again, I think of shoes, Chiara’s shoes in this case. How many pairs of supposedly decent shoes have we bought that didn’t event last her a season? I upgraded her to Maledetti Toscani shoes and she is outgrowing them, finally! Now the problem is that Marco is not really going to be into girlie shoes, will he?

Do you embrace quality of quantity at least some of the times? We think it is worth it.

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