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Meeting Bahadir from The Baharra Design Studio

Sometimes providing good customer service opens up some unexpected opportunities.

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Bahadir Alphan was a customer of ours first. When he got to experience our customer service he decided that we might be experienced enough to properly showcase his jewelry and contacted us to propose a collaboration. When we looked at his jewelry we were amazed. I said that I didn’t care for jewelry but this jewelry made me change my mind. The unique character of the handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces was so beautiful that I was moved. If I didn’t want to have jewelry before I wanted to have jewelry now because it fit with my style of unique, beautiful, and authentic wear. Emi was equally impressed so even though we never thought we would sell expensive jewelry we decided to explore the idea.

We decided to meet Bahadir and he flew over from New York last Saturday and spent two days with us and our kids. He patiently explained to us the difference between the value of mass produced jewelry, which relies on the value of the rocks and metals to determine the value of a piece, and handmade jewelry, in particular custom made jewelry, which has the gift recipient in mind from the very beginning and which is valued more by the skilled creativity of the jeweler.

Vintage Design Tulip Ring
Tulips are a Turkish flower, here they embody the strength of the Divan Room

Baha, as we now call him, brought samples for us to preview. We loved them and took them to the photography studio and Emi started taking pictures. We can’t wait to offer these to our customers. If as a company we strive to bring products by inspiring artisans, these certainly have the SOUL that we have been looking for. Each piece demonstrates design creativity and the willingness to painstakingly transform a design into a creation. The elements that can be customized by the customer ensure that if you are looking for the perfect gift you will be able to get Bahadir to design and create it in collaboration with you and us. Make sure to get to know Daniele and Emi, because those who do have access to our desire to help you in a personal way.

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