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I Needed a Belt Loop Pouch For My New Note 3

My upcoming trip to Italy got me to look for a new phone. I chose the huge Note 3 and was pleased to discover that it fit in the Nicola belt pouch. I got a beautiful Distressed Espresso one and for now I am really happy with it, but I will give you my full impressions after I have worn it while travelling a bit.

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I was happy with my Daniele. But since I got the Note 3 I had to get something the right size. The Nicola seems designed for it.

We are going to Italy next week and my two-and-a-half-year-old phone started to conveniently act up. So I had to get a new phone and, since Emi had such a good experience with her Note 3, I decided to go with the same because I wanted to be able to blog while on the road. So now that I have it I thought that blogging about my new belt pouch would be an ideal place to start.

At first I thought that no belt pouches would fit the huge Note 3. But Emi was quick to point out that the Nicola Campomaggi Leather Belt Pouch should fit it. Knowing that I could have had easy access to my note three by using a Campomaggi leather belt pouch is what actually convinced me to make the Note 3 purchase. My combination of Daniele and Samsung S2 had been so successful that I was really not ready to abandon it.

Once the decision to pick the Nicola was finalized I had to choose a color. I chose the Distressed Espresso because I didn’t have bags from Campomaggi in that color yet while I do have nice belts in Espresso. Distressed olive-brown is my favorite color but distressed espresso is a close second or third, and it turned out that we had a lighter espresso in stock that really showed a lot of gradient which, in my opinion, really accentuates the quality of Campomaggi leather. The one that I picked has some red tones in it. It is a beautiful specimen.

I have been wearing it all day today and I have to say that it is really comfortable. So far it never got in my way and the buttons, which I thought would be hard to operate and close, are really secure and they are easy to open and close. Other than that, I need more experience with it to be able to talk about it. So I am going to leave for Italy and try to see if I can blog from there next week.

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