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Why is 25-02-1961 on Every Campomaggi Label?

Well, because it is the birth date for the inspiration of every Campomaggi bag.

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February 25 is Marco Campomaggi‘s birthday. He turns 52 today! ¬†The reason why he put his birth date on the label is not to get birthday wishes every year but to express the fact that his bags are his creations, they express his creativity, which began when Marco was born.

Because we are, or at least think that we are, his number one fans in the world we have started sending him birthday wishes every year, partially to thank him for making our lives better. Our customers have joined us and we include their wishes along with ours. Marco has really appreciated this and says that despite having “25-02-1961” on every single label, nobody, except us, has, so far, used it as a yearly birthday reminder. That is a little surprising, and, knowing Marco’s modesty, it may be something he said just to keep the spotlight away.

Perhaps, next year, we can circulate a card among his fans so that we can deliver to Marco a card signed by his most passionate fans. If you like that idea, the place to go is the Fans of Campomaggi group on Facebook. You can also wish him happy birthday in the comments here!

Daniele Graziani and Marco Campomaggi

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