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What Do I Need My Leather Bag to Carry, And Where?

Before I can pick a new Campomaggi bag I have to define what my needs are: what do I need to carry and where do I need to go.

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In my last post I declared that it was time for my COLOMBO messenger bag to get a bigger brother (technically sister since “borsa”, in Italian, is feminine). After a few people suggested that I carefully document my decision, I started thinking about the idea of people getting a new Campomaggi bag in general and my first thought was that everybody’s needs and wants are going to be completely different. So I am going to detail my needs first, so that everyone can compare my needs to theirs and figure out whether what I say applies to them  too.

I bought a new laptop so that I can work better when I am not at the office (mainly for when I am at home). So I will be carrying it and its charger instead of the netbook with no charger as I did before.

My new Toshiba laptop is about 12.5

What I love about it is that at 2.5 pounds it is as light as the netbook was. The problem is that the charger would really be a tight fit for the COLOMBO so I need to get a bag that is more spacious or has extra pockets that will fit the charger. The photo below shows the contents of my current COLOMBO plus the charger and the DANIELE, which contains my wallet and phone, and might occasionally need to be stored in the bag if I am not wearing a belt (when I change to go for a run, for example).

The contents of my COLOMBO plus the charger and the DANIELE.

I probably should remove a few pens and give Chiara her toy cartridge back, but I think that this sums up pretty well what I need to carry on a day-to-day basis.

The other consideration that comes to mind is where do I need to go with the bag. I don’t travel very often, most of my days involve only short trips from the car to the office and back. I also rarely walk around all day long (I do that mainly in Italy) so weight is generally not an issue, and when I do travel, I would like to have a comfortable strap and to be able to slide the bag in the seat in front of me.

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