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We Need Totti Back!

I have been silent for a few weeks as the birth of my son Marco has kept me away from soccer for a few weeks. Not much has changed except for a couple of things: Roma has tied the last two games without Totti in its lineup. And Juventus keeps on getting referee favors (penalty kick for a foul clearly outside the box and another offside goal) but then backs it up with more goals and such convincing victories that I can’t say that they did not deserve their victories (unlike in the previous two instances where the favors netted them four referee points). So, now, the 4 referee points gifted to Juventus are making a huge difference. Instead of Juve being in third place five points behind Roma (32) they are in second place just one point behind (31).

If Napoli (28) hadn’t lost 3-0 yesterday they could have cried foul. I still think that such an early goal in such circumstances can wipe off a team’s concentration. But by the second half they should have been able to muster a comeback if they were truly the stronger of the two teams. Juventus now is on a 4-victories streak that is very impressive.

Inter (25) and Fiorentina (24) are hanging on to their outsider spots with only Verona (22) hanging close to them to pose an immediate threat. Fiorentina had beaten Juventus 4-2 while Inter beat Verona, both victories came at home. Their championship chances seem very remote and even qualifying for Champions League ahead of Roma, Napoli, or Juventus seems out of the question.

Juventus-Roma is scheduled for six matches from now on 1/6/2014. By then, things might be completely different. Let’s hope Totti comes back and that he will help settle the question of who deserves to be at the top of this league.

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