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The Fall/Winter 2013 Campomaggi Collection is Arriving

The Campomaggi Fall/Winter 2013 collection has started to trickle in. We only received two bags and there are two absolute novelties: a leather sling bag, and the first bag to use camouflage canvas. I really like both.

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Every time Campomaggi introduces a new collection it is a feast for the eyes and a challenge for the mind. That’s because some bags immediately catch on to your tastes while others make you wonder: “will I ever become a fan of this style?” What I know is that, in my case, most of the latter models eventually do grow on me and a few don’t. That’s not surprising given how unique each model is: it is designed to appeal to different tastes.

DONDI leather sling bag: the first bag from the Fall Winter 2013 Collection by Campomaggi has arrived.
Campomaggi made a beautiful distressed leather sling bag that is both comfortable and practical.

The first member of the Fall/Winter 2013 collection by Campomaggi to go up on was the DONDI Leather Sling Bag. My first impression was: “wow, what is it? A fanny pack?” Then I put it on and realized that, besides looking and feeling good, it was both comfortable and practical. I can see using it around town or travelling. You have heard many times that Campomaggi bags are heavy thanks to the quality of the leather. So, if you stayed away from Campomaggi bags because they are heavy and regret that because you know that Campomaggi leather is the best, give the DONDI some serious thought.

The only other bag that we have received so far is the CAMPAMINI Camouflage Canvas Tote. We decided to name it with a mix of CAMPANI and MINI to indicate that this is essentially a smaller version of the CAMPANI. The bag is the first one to sport the fantastic camouflage canvas cloth by Campomaggi. Although I generally prefer leather, there are times when canvas is the way to go and this camouflage canvas is absolutely attractive because it exudes ruggedness. I want it.

Our first camouflage canvas bag by Campomaggi is the CAMPAMINI
The CAMPAMINI is somewhat smaller than the CAMPANI. The camouflage canvas with the white print give it make it appear both rugged and vintage.

So far, then, the novelties are a new canvas print and a bag style that he had never (or not in a very long time) created. That’s a pretty interesting start. Do you like what you can see so far?

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