Roma Is Unbelievably Good

After seven games played Roma (21) has won seven games, scored 20 goals and allowed just 1 (in a 3-1 victory). On Saturday Roma beat Inter (14) in Milan and proved that it can handle any team, anywhere, even one with some aspirations. Next week Roma plays Napoli at home, the only other team with concrete championship ambitions. Should Roma lose or tie, then the race will be deceptively open and Napoli will look like an equal favorite. I think that the chances of that happening are small, yet the ball is round and if Napoli tied at home against Sassuolo anything can happen. By this I mean that I wouldn’t be surprised if Roma’s first misstep were to come next Sunday.

Napoli (19) won 4-0, Juventus (19) beat Milan 3-2 in convincing fashion for a change, Verona (13) climbed into fifth place after a 4-1 victory in Bologna. Lazio (11) and Fiorentina (12) tied and fell to seventh and sixth place respectively.

Next week Juventus (who is in second place thanks to 4 referee points) plays Fiorentina in Florence. If it wins it will climb into second place and people will begin to forget its recent faux-pas. So next week Roma has a huge chance to distance the only two teams who are still close. Will it happen? I would like to keep things interesting.

Inter, instead, has gained just one point in two games: it is really starting to look like a second tier team which is dangerously getting ready to fall apart. It will be really interesting to see if Inter can go to Torino and come home with a win.

Milan with 8 points looks in disarray. I’ve seen them make crazy comebacks before, but they are 13 points behind after 7 games. It is beginning to look pretty unlikely.

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