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My Snaplink and Daniele Saved The Day

My snaplink and my daniele saved the day yesterday. Although the ending is confusing.

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The best feeling in the world is when you realize that the work that you do not only helps others, but it also helps you. I have fallen in love with many Marcopoloni products, but I’ve become inseparable with two of them: the SNAPLINK key chain and the DANIELE belt pouch

Chiara had just gone to the dentist and since the dentist is by our office she came by our office afterwards. But since she is full of life and questions it soon started looking to be pretty pointless to stay at the office. So we left and stopped by the grocery store on the way home. As I start making my way through the isles with Chiara sitting in the cart, I notice a wobbly head. So I quickly go to the coffee counter… no, just kidding. So I grab a couple more things as I try to rush out of there but by the time I get to the register she has fallen asleep, awakened, and asked me to hold her.

Fear not my daughter because daddy has been preparing for a moment like this for years! I go through the checkout and reaching for my wallet is a piece-of-cake one-handed task. Unbutton the Daniele, slide the wallet out, set it down, get the card out, slide it, and, whoohoo! The bill is under $50 so I don’t even have to sign.

DANIELE belt pouch
The DANIELE belt pouch prevents me from forgetting my essentials and keeps them within easy reach.

I push the cart to the car and reaching for the remote is a breeze with my Snaplink clipped on my belt loop. Unlock the car, open the door gently, accommodate Chiara on her seat and she says: “Thank you for carrying me all the way from the store daddy!”.

I sit in my seat and think: “I’m going to blog about this, and, for once, it will be good!”

Snaplink Key Chain in Espresso
The Snaplink leather key chain can save you from zombies AND really help you out day to day.
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