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My New Campomaggi Studded Bag

Daniele's new Campomaggi bag

Daniele’s new Galvani is a Campomaggi camouflage canvas tote bag with distressed studs

I had been looking for a new Campomaggi bag for months because since I bought a bigger laptop, it did not fit in my Colombo very well. The thought of replacing my Colombo was rather unnerving because I thoroughly love that bag, but there were times when I tried to fit a the laptop, the table, the charger and something else and then taking the charger out would become messy and frustrating. The truth was that I needed a larger bag and I knew it.

I really like the way the Colombo hangs and its vertical shape. So when I saw the Galvani I was struck. The only thing that left me hesitant was that I was starting to think that I wanted a bag with large front pockets like the Santarelli or the Ferrandi. But there was something so appealing about the Galvani that I had to give it a try. It turns out that, for what I need to carry every day, the Galvani is plenty big. I put the charger on the bottom of the bag in front of the laptop and rest whatever else I need to carry on top of it or next to it. When I used the Colombo I would put the charger in the interior pocket, and that was what made it hard sometimes: there just wasn’t enough space.

What I got with the Galvani is the right amount of space (with a little extra for the occasional extra item to carry), a beautiful camouflage pattern that is to die for, two columns of distressed Campomaggi studs that I really, really love, and the ability to carry the bag cross-body or like a tote. I think that the look is rugged and masculine without forgetting to be plenty stylish. I love it, I give myself compliments every day!

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