It Is A Different Inter This Year

Inter destroyed Sassuolo today 7-0. But all the top five contenders won and the standings are unchanged. The most impressive victory was by Napoli at Milan’s expense. I now see Napoli and Roma as legitimate (not accidental) table leaders. Lazio and Milan have already lost touch with the top of the table.

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This Sunday Inter played away against Sassuolo, a newly promoted team from Serie B which has only played three matches in Serie A and lost all three. In normal circumstances Inter would have presented Sassuolo with its first points thanks to concentration lapses that seem to be ingrained in the franchise I love.

That didn’t happen today. It seems that Mazzarri was able to wipe those lapses off. What we have as a result is a team that is focused and void of the many superstars that spoiled team chemistry in the past. That’s how the 7-0 victory came to be.

The two teams that impressed this week are the two teams that were already at the top: Napoli and Roma beat AC Milan and Lazio, two championship contenders, and remained at the top of the table. Juventus and Fiorentina also won so the situation at the top of the table is completely unchanged. But something has changed: Roma and Napoli, who seemed to be accidental group leaders last week, proved that they are top contenders to be reckoned with.

As an Inter fan I have to be pleased. I can get used to Inter showing some strength. We are in the top five and have only allowed one goal. I have said that arriving in third place would be a huge success, but, realistically, the expectation should be for fourth or fifth place as the competition this year is really fierce. But we do have an advantage: we are not fighting for any European cups so we should be more rested and less stricken by injuries than our competitors. Who knows, perhaps we will get lucky or we could aim for a Coppa Italia win–the trophy that no one cares about.

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