9 New Campomaggi Products from The Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

The shipment with the new collection arrived on Thursday. By Friday, we had already added 5 new Campomaggi products to our catalog and we added 4 more on Monday (we are so excited!). We are really trying to add them as quickly as we can while we are responding to all the inquiries as fast as we can. To help you ¬†get a preview of the latest Campomaggi bags that we received, Emi and I shot a video showcasing all the new models. It doesn’t go into great details but we know from prior experience that a short video is worth a thousand words.

Click here to view the video. It is less than 3 minutes long.

As usual, Marco Campomaggi, being the Cupid that he is, fired many arrows in all directions and at least one is likely to strike your heart. In my case, the Galvani did it. I never thought I would be so struck by a canvas bag, but this one is really rugged and I like it!

GALVANI Camo Print Canvas Tote with Distressed Studs
GALVANI Camo Print Canvas Tote with Distressed Studs

The GALVANI is part of a an amazing array of new distressed canvas bags that are really attractive. The new distressing adds that je-ne-sais-quoi (I don’t know what) that makes you go: “wow, that’s nice!” If you never considered a canvas bag, now is the time to give them a second look. Actually, not now, when we are done posting them!

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