Is it just me or is my shelf dripping?

Unique dripping wall shelf by Antartidee.


When Emi and Daniele left me for a month to go on a business trip to Italy, they met with several potential new vendors. The most distinct vendor of them all was Antartidee. I was barely able to hide my excitement when I was first presented with their catalogue and was anxiously awaiting Emi and Daniele’s return to discuss the possibility of ordering from Antartidee. We spent a lot of time deciding on products, narrowing down a huge list and then finally, placing an order. Of all the products that we received, the Dripping Shelf was my favorite. I was simultaneously very excited but filled with regret because I didn’t order one for myself. However, I did get a Dripping Shelf for Christmas (from Emi and Daniele) and this is definitely one of the best gifts I’ve received in a while. Nearly a month has passed since I first received the shelf. Let me just say that it is so awesome to have such a beautiful shelf to have a place for my dog’s (her name is Spot!) leash and my keys.

Prior to owning this shelf/hook combination, I was constantly searching for my keys and using anything that even remotely resembles a table to put Spot’s leash on. I installed the shelf right above my light switch, right next to my front door. So when I get home from work, I turn on the lights and then hang up my keys. When I walk towards the door, Spot charges over, sits down and looks up at me as if to say, “Are we going out?”. Even Spot has learned that Antartidee is awesome because there is a convenient place for her leash!

Aesthetics? 10/10. The white shelf complements my “almost pea green” and white colored walls perfectly. The surrealist fan in me loves everything about this shelf. This is probably the next best thing to hanging up Salvador Dali artwork in my house! Functionality? 10/10. It is such a sturdy and well made product! I feel like I could put my 47lb dog on the shelf (Please do not try this at home!) and it will hold up just fine! Overall, I am extremely happy to have such a handy and unique wall shelf in my home. I see at least a few more Antartidee products in my future!


Spot is sunbathing like a princess.


My Campomaggi Studded Leather Belt Is a Magnet for Compliments

Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi: The DAVIDE.
The DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt is a stunning Campomaggi creation that inspires instant love.

I often wear my DAVIDE Studded Leather Belt by Campomaggi to parties and it continually draws compliments from multiple people. For a middle-aging guy like me, that is rather enjoyable.

Last fall, at a friend’s six-year-old and four-year-old birthday party, one dad asked me: “wow, do you think I can sport that belt?” and then went on to ask his wife. When I originally saw the belt on Alessandro, I had had a very similar reaction: instant love.

Last week, at a New Year’s Eve party, one girl even asked me to take my belt off so that she could go try it on. Now that was the ultimate compliment and I was very proud to have spotted the leather belt that would turn heads and inspire such appreciation.

I am really happy with my belt. Even if it didn’t draw a constant string of compliments, I would be happy just feeling the spirit of Campomaggi accessories. If you also like it and you are interested in getting a DAVIDE for yourself or someone else, make sure to contact us so that we can verify that the size is going to work well.