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Welcome, Anita!

In July 2012 Anita Ly joined Marcopoloni to help with order fulfillment and customer service. Anita appears to be more than capable to wear multiple hats.

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I am proud to announce that Anita Ly has decided to join our team to help with order fulfillment, customer service… and to wear every hat imaginable.

Anita is such a fast learner and fast typist (she holds the company record in both categories) that she is probably still unaware that we are going to just let her do everything around here. I really look forward to a long vacation.

If you e-mail us or call us, you will likely get an answer from Anita. She is doing a great job already so please give her a really hard time because so far all requests have been handled without a glitch and I am starting to look really bad in comparison. I should not be too surprised, in case I do take that vacation, if when I come back I’m asked to enjoy an early retirement.

Anita is also a great fit for our company: she understands our mission and is behind it 100%. What’s even more important is that she’s also a chef and I got a taste of it. If she keeps that up she will find all sorts of encouragement at Marcopoloni and will have a long and successful career here.

I almost forgot to mention that Anita is fluent in Cantonese. That means that, if you are feeling the urge to console her for having a coworker who writes such a silly blog post, you can do so in Cantonese and I will not have a clue as to what just happened.

Finally Anita is an excellent writer, which means that I might lose my readers to her. We’ll see how it plays out. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming Anita with a thunderous round of applause and a cup of Cappuccino. Read Anita’s profile here.

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