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The ZAVATTI Has a Day in The Sun

We feel that the ZAVATTI leather backpack was featured on the Revolution TV series! We got to see a shot of just the bag with the sun shining on it. It was beautiful!

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On yesterday’s episode of the TV SeriesĀ Revolution, the ZAVATTI leather backpack by Campomaggi got a lot of exposure, so much (when compared to other episodes) that we feel that it was featured! One time Nora set the bag down to go talk to her sister. When she returns to it there is a fairly lengthy shot of the bag as it is being picked up. What was remarkable was the beauty of the shot: the sun was shining on the distressed olive brown leather and it was just like when I open the trunk of my car and the sun shines on my COLOMBO. The color of the leather becomes rich and warm–absolutely beautiful.

Later, when Nora and her sister separated, we got to watch Nora run away as she went back to help her friends. As Nora ran away the ZAVATTI was in plain view for a while.

As you can see, it was not that much, but it certainly got us very excited… And it will keep us watching a TV series like we are actual fans.

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