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The Grinch Has Arrived and Fedex Saved the Day

It looked like a snow storm would have caused at least 10 packages to arrive after Christmas. I was the Grinch, but FedEx came to the rescue and delivered most package on its day off so that they could arrive before Christmas. Thank you FedEx!

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On Saturday 12/22, I got my first inquiry asking whether one of our shipments was going to make it by Christmas. It was a FedEx Ground Home Delivery shipment so it meant that if it was not delivered by Saturday, it wouldn’t be delivered until after Christmas. That is because the Home Delivery service delivers on Saturday but not on Monday.

The tracking information showed no scans since Tuesday 12/18. Clearly this package had been affected by the snow storm in the Midwest.  After calling FedEx I knew that this package was not going to be there on time. So I e-mailed and called the customer to deliver the bad news.

As I was contemplating the possibility of making a run to the office to ship a replacement (I would have had to get my daughter ready, drive to the office, prepare the shipment, and drop it off in about 30 minutes–an impossible feat), I realized that at least 10 packages were in the exact same situation. My heart sank, and it sank really deep. I was responsible for 10 ruined Christmases. I was the Grinch!

So I called again and I asked if Fedex was considering making FedEx Ground Home Deliveries on Monday, as an exception, to help those packages arrive before Christmas. They said: “Yes!” and I started holding onto a glimmer of hope until, Sunday night, I saw that all packages got scanned near their destinations but the expected delivery dates where Wednesday and Thursday after all. I was the Grinch!

Monday morning I got my Christmas gift: all the packages had been delivered except for a couple that had an arrangement to be held at the FedEx office! FedEx kept its promise! I couldn’t believe it! Just like that, I was no longer the Grinch. Thank you so much FedEx! You have made my day and earned my gratitude.


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