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The Fall/Winter Caterina Lucchi Collection is Here

We received a beautiful new collection from Caterina Lucchi, posted some pictures, announced it to our best customers, and now half the collection is already sold out. Caterina Lucchi is going to be the next rising designer.

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The BARILE bag by Caterina Lucchi
The BARILE bag by Caterina Lucchi hanging from our new VITENDINO wall hook by Antartidee.

The fall/winter Caterina Lucchi collection arrived in November. We worked really hard to take pictures and post the bags to the web site and were immediately rewarded by an immediate response from our best customers. We are not used to such a response as it usually takes months for new products to even get noticed.

We named the new collection the Heritage Collection because the way these bags are treated and designed suggests a link to previous generations and our traditions. Despite this, the bags are extremely fresh and their practicality is definitely inspired by today’s trends.

After witnessing this great reception by our customers, we now expect Caterina Lucchi to become a more established designer in the United States as well. In Europe, she sometimes seems to attract more attention than Campomaggi, so I fully expect our global audience to begin to take notice as well.

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